Byron-Bergen Central School taxpayers. When ever we have new BBCS Superintendent we shortly afterwards have a new capital project. Funny thing – but not actually funny!

I suggest that you hold your nose and vote “NO” on this new project at BBCS on the 7th October.

As a very concerned citizen about escalating educational costs per student. What can a citizen do. Vote down this unwarranted project.


John L. Sackett Jr.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The Byron-Bergen Central School Board of Education is presenting to voters a capital project with a total cost of $17,107,802. The project includes work at the Elementary and Junior-Senior High schools, natatorium and bus garage and will include such areas as roofing, windows and boiler plants. The District says the project will have no additional tax impact as it will use $2 million from the district’s capital reserve fund to pay the local share of the project. The vote is scheduled from 1 to 9 p.m. Oct. 7 in the Junior-Senior High School Cafeteria. For more detailed information on the project, including a video with comments from Superintendent Patrick McGee and Director of Facilities Roger Caldwell, go to

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