As a former educator, I am appalled by the number of young becoming victims of gunshot wounds.

Also as a former serviceman, I have seen destruction by military attacks. I also have witnessed the evolution smart bombs, guided missiles — the expertise to put a man on the moon, which makes me wonder why these intelligent engineers cannot develop a detection device that can determine if a firearms is carried by a pedestrian, or passenger in a vehicle.

With the necessity of the development of this, the Legislature must pass a law giving rights to police to stop, search and confiscate a weapon from a “possible” perpetrator. With the confiscation the officer would explain that if they didn’t take the weapon, there was a possibility that someone’s life could be taken. Moreover, the perpetrator could lose their life through the judicial system. Two lives saved! Thank you!

Upon confiscation, a warning should be issued that they should not be apprehended with a firearm again or they could face penalties; either momentarily or with jail time.

So someone in higher place should direct our smart engineers to get starting developing the anti-gun weapon.

The develop would enter our country’s list of heroes by saving how many youn lives?

With proper training and public support we can realize how important our police force is!

May the good Lord guide us and bless us in our endeavours. Please don’t make this a political football.

Charles W. Yueckstock


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