The view this month is from our barn trying to button up for the western New York winter.

It has been a great fall but we know shortly it will be winter and snow. The chickens have cut their production down to very few eggs we don’t use artificial lights to fool our chickens into thinking it is not winter.

Our chickens get to rest up for a couple of months till the days get longer and mother nature kicks in than they will lay like crazy going into spring. Commercial egg production turns the lights on to keep the chickens from thinking it is winter and time to take a break.

Years ago this time of the year farmers would store up some eggs in a mixture of water and calcium so they would have eggs to eat till the days got longer and production would start again. I remember my grandpa putting unwashed eggs in a crock covering them with lukewarm water and adding lime putting them in the root cellar and for the next two to three months that was our supply of fresh eggs till the hens started to lay again and believe it or not it worked perfectly.

One of mother nature’s great ways that helped us feed our family thru the winter. It is surprising how far the American people have gotten away from the food chain and most people think that as long as the supermarket has it every time we need it they take it for granted.

I am so lucky to have grown up in the time I did, going into the root cellar to pick anything you wanted for supper and I still remember the canned beef that made the best beef and mashed potatoes you could imagine. Still one of my favorites was my Mom’s homemade tomato bisque soup made with her own canned tomato juice and the heavy cream off the top of the milk pail from our guernsey cows. With the pandemic this year having the old root cellar and lots of our own canned vegetables and our own meat we have been able to stay safe and healthy with very few trips to town Maybe some people will learn and try to be more self-sufficient it is easy but I guess I had a lot of life experience.

Thanks for reading.

Paul Trowbridge


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