I fully support a strong, effective, and efficient police force. I fully support law and order, it is the only milieu for our American society to maximally allow “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It is the criminals who crave chaos for their unlawful and disorderly actions.

However, there are two issues which we must reasonably resolve concerning police acts of brutality before we address more wide-ranging issues such as poverty, racism, ”structural” inequality in gender, race, class, mental health, etc.

Number one: is there an unspoken competition, a contest, among and between, the actual policemen? You know, to release the “mad dog,” the “wild man,” the “toughest of the tough” tendencies of individual policemen to commit brutal acts with the aim of determining which policeman can “get away with” the most illegality to crown him “king of the hill” in the police department, deriving from the very same game of little boys on the playground in the past or the cage fighters of the present.

Number two: where are the sergeants, the lieutenants, the captains, the chain of command in all this? You know, how come we hardly ever hear about them being “brought up on charges” alongside their underlings whom they supposedly supervise, and are responsible for the underlings’ actions of brutality?

Whatever became of “command and control”? Wasn’t Calley a lieutenant, and Medina a captain, at the time of the Vietnam War My Lai Massacre atrocities?

Donald Weyer


Johnson Newspapers 7.1