Don’t you love the proposed $600-per-citizen government gift? Why? When all layers of government are begging for more tax money! Ever consider this development? I remember when we started farming in April 1962 — we purchased a new Ford pickup for $4,200. Plus, there was no sales tax then! What has happened since 1962? Today, try finding a 2020 Ford pickup for less than $40,000. Why? There’s more government control with nothing backing our money but bureaucracy! There’s no silver or gold behind our dollar today. Isn’t it wonderful — from ever-expanding taxes to government financial gifts. Why not $2,000 or $20,000 for every citizen? Found out that our current president and many Democrats want a $2,000 gift for every citizen. Our president just signed the bill for $600, after saying “no” to signing the bill. It amazes me, the games provided by our government. It’s like two children fighting, only it’s not a game!

And an old saying keeps running through my head. When citizens found out that there was an unlimited supply of money they can control with their vote, then the sky was the limit! Out went thrift, out went saving, out went working hard.

What will be next? Will there be a wheelbarrow full of money to buy groceries like the Germans experienced after World War One? Printing press money is becoming funny money. Only, it’s not funny!

What do you think, believe or care?

John L. Sackett, Jr.


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