Legislation to ban wind turbines on New York lakes proposed by Sen. George Borello is wrong-headed (“Proposed legislation would ban wind turbines on New York’s lakes,” June 26), and the New York State Conservation Committee, with its focus on animal life, should know it. Climate change is directly affecting wildlife, including birds and fish, and wind power could be the saving of it, generating gigawatts of clean power and displacing fossil fuel burning generation.

The placement of wind turbines won’t industrialize the Great Lakes. They already are industrialized. Freighters leak and spill oil. They’re polluted, there is always the prospect of nuclear waste. Climate change is bringing more violent storms with flooding that damages the lakeshore.

Wind turbines also will not “litter” the lakes. They will be a faint blur on the horizon.

I don’t know where Senator Borello gets the bizarre idea that large-scale renewable projects are “crony capitalism.”

What they are is job creators, 74 categories of them for offshore wind. Upstate is hardly being singled out. Most offshore wind is off Long Island, and it’s already under development.

The facts are in on wind power on the Great Lakes, and they’re favorable. We must proceed with large-scale renewable power projects all over New York for a clean energy future.

Lynn Saxton


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