There are actually people out there giving praise to Governor Cuomo. So let us never forget who this guy is and the complete failure his political career has been. His time at HUD was a disaster for this country. His social justice policy’s in a big part led to the melt down of 2008. His time before the virus as Governor of this state has been a complete failure, again his progressive social justice, economic justice and environmental justice policies have ruined this state morally and fiscally.

Before going into this shutdown the state was 6 billion dollars + in debt and the Governor was handing out grant money to towns and counties like penny candy. Not to mention the billions on failed economic development projects given to his corrupt friends. People are leaving the state because of him in record numbers. A foul nanny state dictator with no regard for the people of upstate. He does not want conservatives in his state and he never thought America was that great. His words.

His handling of the virus has been a dismal failure. You wouldn’t know that by the fawning questions that the leftist globalist media give him on a day to day basis at his press conferences. Contrast that to the nasty gotcha questions that the fake press gives our great President Trump every single day. Thank God President Trump is in charge at this awful time. A leader and a man in charge. Governor Cuomo was completely unprepared for this pandemic.

A city attacked on 911. A target of radical Muslim extremists for decades and this man in 2015 turned down buying more ventilators and masks and wasted the money on wind and solar projects. How’s that STAMP project doing for everyone? Which by the way, if green energy was all energy we were depending on right now to mobilize and fight, how many more would be dead? His vision for NY in the future is another dismal failure that must be quelled.

He was completely wrong about what he needed, yet our great president and the industrial might of the American worker and citizen not only got him the hospital ship Mercy and a 1,000 beds in record time. 10 days. Fake news said that it was going to take a month to get ready. The Army Corp of Engineers built a make shift hospital in the Javits Center with 2000 beds and Franklin Graham brought in a mobile hospital into Central Park for free and the militant LGBTQ crowd gave him flack because of his Christian faith and wanted it gone. None of this he needed or used . Yet his fear mongering was met with action by the president. If it wasn’t for the direction of President Trump and all the help given, Cuomo’s failure would have been even more devastating to the people of NY city. He dropped the ball and he keeps demanding more . The crybaby tactics are not working. The people of this country are not going to stand for bailing out NY for Cuomo’s failed progressive economic policy’s. Help for the virus yes but not to balance his budget.

Governor Cuomo post virus will continue to be a failure to this state. Liberalism and progressivism is designed to fail to keep a poorly educated under class voter base and a guilty white self loathing wealthy achiever class . Like all liberals and progressives Cuomo sees everything backwards Example criminals are good , good people are criminals. So I do not trust this man to open up the state in a timely manner. It should be left to the counties and the localities, and that’s legitimate 10th amendment “or to the people”.

One thing for sure. The Democrats in the House and Senate like Cuomo have been a disgraceful, Anti-American failure, and that was from the day the greatest president to ever hold the office since George Washington and Calvin Coolidge our President Donald John Trump took office. How anyone can vote for a socialist, communist, Democrat after what they have put the country through the past 4 years is beyond reality. President Donald J. Trumps handling of this country for 4 years has earned him 4 more years. Coumo needs to go. KAG 2020.

Paul Lauricella Jr.


Johnson Newspapers 7.1