From what the media tells me, white silence is racial violence. So I am supposing that if I give my opinion I shouldn’t be accused of racial violence. Well here it is. I abhor all violence, whether it is: domestic violence, gang violence, drug violence, racial violence, or police violence. I’m really not that religious, but, I believe that it is an abomination to God when any human life is taken away by another.

So far in 2020, police have killed: 172 Whites, 88 Blacks, 57 Hispanics, 14 Others, and 98 Unknowns. I don’t understand why only the 88 Black lives killed by police matter and the 341 non-Black lives don’t matter.

Over Father’s Day weekend 2020, non-police shootings were rampant all over the country: 8 in Buffalo, 9 in Syracuse, 7 in Albany, 22 in New York City, 12 in Detroit, 12 in Minneapolis, 9 in Charlotte, 4 in Saginaw, 5 in Wichita, 4 in Janesville. During Father’s Day weekend in Chicago alone, there were 104 shootings, including a three-year-old girl. I wish someone in the Blacks Lives Matter movement would explain why this three-year-old’s death just doesn’t matter because she wasn’t shot by a White policeman.

I would like to echo the words of a Black Pastor from Buffalo that I watched on the news this morning, regarding the 8 shootings in Buffalo in one weekend. “How can you say that Black Lives Matter, when we keep shooting each other?”

Ron Heppner


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