I do not engage with readers and those making comments on social media.

I never have and never will.

Instead, I do it here, where I and I alone get the last word.

Oh, sure, you can email me and leave nasty voice messages on my work phone.

But guess what? I work from home now! HAHAHAH! PHPPHPHPHT.

Emails I can delete. I read them first. I give you that courtesy.

I will not engage, however.

What I will do, here, is tell everyone how wrong they are. Not that it matters much. I am finding many, many people refuse to bend, even when the facts are shoved straight up their noses.

Arguing is fruitless.

My philosophy is this: I will not argue with someone unless I know 100 percent that I am right. If I’m unsure, I will say “You may be right on that.”

That doesn’t make me one of those people who “always have to be right.”

But I am.

So on that note, I am here today to correct some of the misinformation and misconceptions swamping the swamp. Like the saying goes, if we can just save one life by wearing a mask, then we shall wear a mask.

I mean, if I can change just one mind and make them see the light, then it’s worth all the nasty emails and phone calls and comments on Facebook that I don’t respond to.

Speaking of masks ...

n Many media post “scanner” talk. One came in this week where someone called police saying that someone was threatening an employee, by phone, over a mask issue.

This immediately got more comments, 300 and counting, than most any other story.

Commenters threatened each other, spewed nonsense and generally behaved like a bunch of grown up Americans.

Some facts: Masks help prevent the spread of disease. Wearing a mask in stores and other places is required. If Walmart has a policy that you have to wear a mask while shopping, then so be it. That’s a business owner’s right. Don’t like it? Don’t shop there. I didn’t see everyone behaving this way when stores posted “No shirt, no shoes, no service” signs for all these years.

n Batavia is “going to hell and a handbasket.”

What is wrong with this city? It’s becoming like Rochester and Buffalo. I’m moving. Batavia is not a safe place anymore.

And on and on and on.

Every time we write a story about crime these are the comments.

It’s all Cuomo’s fault, of course.

Here’s the truth: Batavia is a safe city. It is not going “downhill.” Crime is not rampant. You can walk the streets, any street, and not get robbed, beaten, raped or murdered.

I have been the crime reporter for nearly 30 years now. I know the history of crime in Batavia and Genesee County.

If anything, we are a lot safer now than we have ever been.

So relax. Open your windows and let some fresh air in. Get outside and quit cowering under the covers.

n Speaking of Cuomo, any time we write a crime story scores of people cry “This is what happens with bail reform!”

Sigh. No. There have been very few cases where bail reform has failed us.

Yes, there should be some adjustments made. Judges should be able to look at someone’s criminal history and say, “No. This person needs to sit in jail for a while.”

For the most part, nothing has changed. Take the case of a local funeral director facing charges for stealing from clients.

I cannot recall any time in the past 30 years where someone arrested for embezzling has been jailed.

This has nothing to do with bail reform and neither do 90 percent of the criminal cases we have here.

Sure. We want to see certain criminals pay. We are outraged. Some get released and commit another crime. Sometimes, it’s not because of bail reform. It’s because someone made a choice to commit another crime.

n Finally, my favorite topic: Gun control.

Cuomo, or anyone else for that matter, is not “coming after your guns.”

I have owned guns since I was given a .22 rifle when I was 10. I have not had any guns taken away. I can go to the store right now and buy a gun. I can hunt and target practice and shoot anyone who breaks into my home.

I don’t know of any law-abiding person who has had their rights to own a gun taken away. So you can’t have a machine gun that shoots 50 rounds a minute. So you may have to undergo a background check or wait a few days and take pistol permit classes.

Big deal.

n Ok. That wasn’t the last one.

Black Lives Matter.

For all of you who are cringing right now and yelling “ALL LIVES MATTER!!!” well, shut up.

Yes, all lives matter. Of course they do. BLM has NOTHING to do with that. It is not saying black lives matter more than white lives. It is not saying black lives matter more than police lives. It is not a racist statement.

So please stop. All it reveals is your ignorance.

Now, let the emails fly ...

Scott DeSmit is a general assignment reporter for The Daily News. He can be reached at desmitmail@yahoo.com

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