The view this month is looking back in time with all that is going on in the world right now it is way easier to see where we have been than to figure out where we are going.

I can imagine how my grandpa and all the farmers from 90 years ago would be amazed by what the food chain is today. I was so lucky to have him and my Dad in my life and have them share the knowledge of agriculture with me and my brothers.

They would be baffled to see a person plant corn and soybeans then spray them with weed killer to kill the weeds in the crop.

GMO crops have really changed the way we farm today. When I was young in the early ‘50s, we always cultivated corn to control the weeds. Very little corn today is cultivated most of it is no-tilled and then harvested without going back into the field.

Our wheat fields were summer fallowed to control the weeds once a week. We would drag the ground to kill the emerging weeds till September, then plant the crop. I will never forget what Grandpa told me as we planted wheat in September — you will never get rain in July unless you plant wheat — and that was so true. This year it was very hot and dry till the wheat got ripe. Then we got 3 inches of rain in the middle of us trying to harvest our wheat crop.

The politics will always be here. The farmers will always plant wheat in the fall and farming will get way more complicated, but I just want to remind everybody that if you want rain in July you have to plant wheat in September.

Just think they farmed without Acu-weather, GPS, and cellphones. I don’t know if the farmers today would be able to farm very easy without those three tools. Our GPS was a fence post on the far side of the field and if you took your eye off it to watch a bird, you got a curve in the row you wanted to hide before someone saw it.

God Bless this country and the people that run it. Thanks for reading.

Paul Trowbridge


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