Reconciliation package is bad policy


Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) released the following statement after voting against Democrats’ multi-trillion-dollar partisan reconciliation spending package.

“Against the advice of numerous economists, against the best interests of the American people, and in a fit of political greed — Democrats forced through a multi-trillion-dollar package filled with partisan spending and a radical socialist expansion of the federal government.

“This legislation could end up costing $4.9 trillion. It creates 150+ new government programs. It has Green New Deal policies that hurt American energy independence, farmers, and drive energy prices up. Calls for 80,000 new IRS agents and gives them the power to surveil the bank accounts of nearly every American. Expands the welfare state and the power of the federal government over the private lives of American citizens. And it has tax credits and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Despite the absurd claim this bill costs nothing, the CBO estimates it will add $367 billion to the debt over the next 10 years, leaving American families, farmers, and small businesses with the tab.

“At a time when American families are facing the worst inflation surge in three decades, brought on by reckless partisan spending and bad policies from the Biden administration, we cannot afford to pile more big government on top. I strongly oppose this bill and will continue to fight against it.

(Chris Jacobs, R-Williamsville, represents the 27th Congressional District, which includes the GLOW region.)

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