Meet the competitors in the 2020 Scripps Western New York Regional Spelling Bee, scheduled for Feb. 29, 2020, at Le Roy Junior-Senior High School, 9300 South Street Rd. Le Roy. The spelling begins at 10 a.m. 

Our 28-page Bridal Guide is filled with planning advice, tips and tricks for selecting flowers, cakes and wedding clothing -- say 'sew long' to ill-fitting attire -- and a preview of the Livingston County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism's fourth annual Dream Wedding Expo (which arrives Feb…

EDITOR’S NOTE: Versions of this story were previously published in the Dec. 24, 2015, edition of The Livingston County News, and the Dec. 24, 1999 edition of The (Batavia) Daily News.

Our annual "Season's Greetings" special section where you'll find stories about area holidays past, advice on preparing your home for your holiday celebrations and the story of how a historic upstate New York may have provided inspiration for the beloved holiday poem " 'Twas the Night Before…

Our latest "Discover Dansville" publication includes highlights of "Winter in the Village," and additional stories that remember Edgar Schmidt, highlight upcoming events at Dansville ArtWorks, and celebrates the centennial of the Dansville American Legion.

Before heading out to the Dec. 6 holiday concert at St. James Episcopal Church - or other caroling event this holiday season, be sure to have a songbook. Our Christmas Sing-along Song Book features both music and lyrics for more than a dozen holiday favorites, including "Silent Night," "Hark…

Our "Let it Snow" special section features a guide to outdoor and holiday-themed events happening between now and New Year's in the four-county GLOW region. Also included are seven facts about the winter solstice.

Our annual "Salute to Veterans" special section features stories of local veterans. Included in this section, published Nov. 9, 2019, is the story of how a Bethany man's research led to the awarding of four medals on behalf of his great uncle who was listed as missing following a Japanese at…

Our Celebrations special section is filled with advice on hosting a holiday soiree. Topics include what to include on holiday invitations, hosting in a small space, the origins of Christmas carols, tips for baking better Christmas cookies and a recipe for a holiday roast to remember.

Hey, food enthusiasts, see what's being served up across a selection of the four-county GLOW region's variety of restaurants -- from long-established favorites to relative newcomers in our special Wine & Dine guide.

Winners of the 2019 Ghost Tales story and art contest in The (Batavia, N.Y.) Daily News. The winning entries and art works appeared in the Oct. 19, 2019, edition of The Daily News.

A special Health & Wellness section with important reminders about getting a flu shot, how stress affects your sleep - and how your brain can benefit from sleep - and nutrition and other advice for all ages from children to seniors.

ATTICA — Back in 1992, Linda Kruszka had been in the insurance business for seven years when she decided to start Main Street Insurance in Attica from scratch.

BATAVIA — Running a salon isn’t merely about providing a great haircut, as Amanda Lowe demonstrates daily at Jagged Edges Salon.

CORFU — Bob Stocking may as well borrow the motto of another Genesee County Chamber of Commerce award winner, the Batavia Rotary Club.

BATAVIA — Genesee Lumber’s recognition as the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Year was built over time.

BATAVIA — Topping off 100 years of service to the community, the Genesee County Board of Commerce recognized the Rotary of Batavia for their special service to the community.

CASTILE — There’s something to be said of plucking ripe, round apples straight from spindling branches still covered in early morning dew, of straining every inch of muscle to move that last, heaviest bale of hay, of returning home after a long day of hard labor to sip on a glass of icy lemo…

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After graduating from Batavia High in 1966, I was encouraged to go to Bryant and Stratton by my parents to qualify for a deferment from the military. In 1968, I graduated from Bryant and Stratton and my father said that I should find another college to go to and maybe the war will be over. I…

CORFU — The trails wind around trees and over rocks, leading visitors to a dozen sets and buildings that create a small village in the woods. It looks as though it were built by forest dwellers to bend and sway with the natural formation of the land.

In Western New York and throughout the state, there are more tappable maple trees than in any other state in the America according to the U.S. Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis data. That means hundreds of thousands of gallons of maple syrup will be made this season.

BERGEN — Liberty Pumps may be a big player in the global market, but it is the recognition by his local community which makes Charlie Cook proud.

BATAVIA — Guarded by a zombie and R2-D2, Foxprowl has been serving the collector population in Batavia and Genesee County for the past seven years.

LE ROY — Nate and Jerrod Stein and Natasha (Stein) Sutherland spent their early childhood on the family farm, feeding calves, running around the barns and being kids in between chores.

BATAVIA — Watching as Susie Boyce Ott accepted a Geneseean of the Year honor at the Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 awards, Steve Grice leaned over to his wife Lisa.

BERGEN — Liberty Pumps may be a big player in the global market, but it is the recognition by his local community which makes Charlie Cook proud.

PEMBROKE — It all started with a wedding and a kiss.

OAKFIELD — Two high school sweethearts have faced difficult trials and tribulations in the past year, yet instead of driving them apart they are now closer than ever, holding up what it truly means “in sickness and in health.”