The annual Genesee County Fair royalty pageant will begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 19 at the Entertainment Tent.

The group of participants had their dinner and speech night recently. At this event, each girl gave a speech about what agriculture means to their community, as well as themselves.

This year, there are four in the pageant for Genesee County Fair Junior Princess (ages 11-13), two in the pageant for Genesee County Fair Miss (ages 8-10), and two in the pageant for Genesee County Fair Little Miss (ages 5-7).

Following are the profiles for all of the pageant contestants:

Genesee County Fair Junior Princess

Amelia is 12 years old. She is going to be in the seventh grade at Elba Central School. This is Amelia’s sixth year in 4-H. Amelia participates in many 4-H clubs including Dairy club, Fur & Feathers, Family Consumer Science, and she is an ambassador with the Genesee Dairy Princess program. She loves informing the public about dairy farmers and their farms when she is with the Dairy princess and her court. Amelia has many animals that she loves to spend time with, including her five cows, two chickens, and a rabbit, dog and cat. She likes helping her family on Post Dairy Farm and hopes to be the sixth generation involved in farming. This year at school, Amelia led a few of her friends to ask their coach if they could start a volleyball camp. It took a lot of persuasion, but they got the OK and started a volleyball camp to show kids there are a lot of fun sports to play. At the end of the school year, Amelia received several awards, including The Triple C award, which is awarded to a sixth grader who demonstrates character, commitment, and courage. She also got the Presidents Education Choice Award. Amelia is very excited to participate in the pageant for the first time this year, to show her pride in her farming community and county.

Alexandra is 12 years old. She lives with her mom, dad and brothers Jaykob and Jacen. Alexandra attends Elba Central School where she on high honor roll. She will be starting eighth grade this coming fall. Alexandra’s hobbies are reading, singing, dancing, and playing with her dogs Ariel and Sully. She participates in the Genesee County Rustic Riders 4-H Horse Club, is a member of Girl Scout Troop 42222, and has been in eight productions with the ECS Drama Club. Other activities she participates in are volleyball, softball, the Genesee County Fair and she has taken horse lessons for five years. She is also riding Ditto at the Genesee County Fair on Tuesday and Thursday, so make sure to come watch. Alexandra would like to give thanks to Ms. Case, her drama club director, for giving her parts that she is sure to enjoy, for example being the overdramatic Ermangarde in Hello Dolly. She would also like to give thanks to all her great coaches, her horse trainer Susan Schum, and her troop and club leaders. She also wants to thank Ms. Amanda Gallo and all the wonderful judges for taking their time to spend time with all the lovely ladies participating in the Genesee County Fair pageant. And finally, she would also like to thank her parents for being the best people she knows. Alexandra also wishes all of the wonderful young ladies participating a big good luck and she hopes they enjoy this wonderful experience!

Noelia is the daughter of Luz Castro and Victor Ventura. Noelia has two siblings named Zoe and Natalie. Some of Noelia’s activities include cross country, cheerleading, track, band, jazz band, full orchestra and student council. Noelia was accepted into the STEM program after completing testing among many peers. She was in the top five and was nominated for the Math and Science scholar award. Her interests are running, dancing, cheering, reading and writing. Noelia is driven to do well in school, because she aspires to be valedictorian of her class in 2022. After high school, she plans to attend Yale followed by Harvard Law School become a lawyer.

Eva is not your typical 13-year-old. She is an entrepreneur (having started her first business at the age of 10), a philanthropist (using the proceeds from many of her business ventures to give back to animal shelters near her home), an accomplished equestrian and a friend to all she encounters. Her drive and determination to make the world a brighter place rival any adult; take care not to forget she is only 13. She comes from a very close-knit family. Her parents, Tim and Katie, have always been supportive of Eva’s endeavors; while her sister Corrine has happily been her partner in fighting the injustices of the animal world. A fierce competitor, Eva enjoys the thrill of many sports – solitary and team alike. She is an avid horseperson, soccer, volleyball and helps her father train for 10ks and half marathons. She has been an active member of 4-H (Rustic Riders Horse Club, Horse Judging, Horse Bowl and Hippology) for four years. This year she and her team went to State Horse Bowl and are going to state Hippology. She and her team also won first place in Horse Judging (individually she was ranked 10th in the state). Not only is Eva a dedicated teammate, she is ever busy giving back to her community. She has volunteered at The Le Roy Farmer’s Market for the past three years, and at the Knights of Columbus Pancake Breakfast. Frequently, she can be found at Begin Again Horse Rescue mucking out stalls, because what teenager doesn’t love that?!? Elderly neighbors know they can always count on Eva to lend a helping hand, whether though doing yard work or delivering their mail to their door with a warm smile and words of kindness. To list Eva’s talents would be very time-consuming as she strives to excel at all she attempts. However, many of the things she feels passionate about are: horseback riding, participating in triathlons, reading, crafting, cooking and baking. Currently, she is interested in the Japanese Culture and learning its complicated and ancient history. She’d relish training as a ninja, if only she could find the proper instructor, but they’re a hard lot to track down. Her goals for the future are to work with horses in any capacity, while doing some voice acting on the side and opening her own café. There is no doubt to anyone who has the privilege of knowing Eva, that she will accomplish these things and so much more! Lastly, Eva would like to thank the judges for their consideration, and shout out to all her fellow competitors, “Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!”

Genesee County Fair Miss

Corinne is 8 years old. She is homeschooled and will be going into the fourth grade. She lives with her sister Eva (who is just crazy about horses), her doting parents Tim and Katie, and their small menagerie of dogs and cats. Corrine is a firecracker, proving that great things come in small but mighty packages! Corrine happily finds joy in so many things: dance, riding her bike, playing with her family, and archery. She treats every day as an adventure. She is also a creative and avid writer. She participated in her co-op’s drama club for two years. Corrine also participates in three 4-H clubs; ACES Science Club, Rustic Riders Horse Club, and has just started Horse Bowl and Hippology. She and her team studied very hard and were able to place third in their region. Corrine is a genuine altruist, volunteering with her community farmers’ market, participating in Main Street Clean-Up and helps (when she has a free moment) at Begin Again Horse Rescue. This year, she and her friends raised $2,500 for the Uganda Water Project. She also gladly assists neighbors in need, doing any outdoor chore you can imagine, including creating feel-good art on their driveways. Her hobbies are singing, dancing, building with Legos, and baking. However, sewing and creating new fashions on her small mannequin are a true gift for this sassy seamstress. She is a kind and thoughtful person; who, when she grows up, would like to become a professional archer.

Jessica is 9 years old and will be entering the fifth grade this fall at Oakfield Alabama Central School. Jessica lives in Oakfield with her parents Howard and Christina Sosnowski, and her little brother Dillon. At school Jessica is in band, in which she enjoys playing the oboe. Jessica played basketball this year and is looking forward to basketball camp this summer. Math is her favorite subject in school. Her favorite activities outside of school are dance and Taekowndo. Jessica started dancing at Images In Dance when she was 2, and has been on the competition team the last 4 years. She loves all styles of dance and looks forward to learning new dances and improving her technique every year. Jessica joined Refuse 2 Lose in 2016 she has earned her yellow belt and looks forward to continue her training. Jessica also enjoys drawing, reading and baking. When she grows up she hopes to become a baker and own a cookie store.

Genesee County Fair Little Miss

My name is Aria Gayton. I am 6 years old and I am going into first grade at Oakfield Alabama elementary school. I love to dance and play with my 6-month-old baby sister. When I get older I want to be a cheerleader!

Hello everyone my name is Payton Spikes. I am 6 years old and I will be in first grade at Jackson Elementary in September. I enjoy swimming with my family and playing pie in the face. I take tap dancing lessons at Divine Dance Studio, and am starting cheerleading with the Batavia Bulldawgs later this month! I aspire to be a chef when I grow up and I like to practice my culinary skills with my mom and dad in the kitchen. I hope to one day be on the cooking show Chopped Jr. I look forward to competing in the Genesee County Little Miss Pageant and wish my competitors the best luck.