BATAVIA — Running a salon isn’t merely about providing a great haircut, as Amanda Lowe demonstrates daily at Jagged Edges Salon.

It’s mixing friendliness and fashion in a stylish environment. Plus staff management and education.

And getting to know each and every one of your customers, while nurturing all the little details have made Jagged Edges so popular.

“I really liked working and developing a team of people, and really liked more of a salon atmosphere where everyone works together, kind of helps each other out, and works together at a team,” Lowe said during a break on a busy Wednesday. “So that’s really why I opened my own salon — to create that team environment where everyone’s looking to give our customers a really great experience, and we always work together for our customers.”

Lowe, 32, had originally attended Boces and thought she was going to do hair while going through college. But her career soon took off naturally, both as a stylist and in management.

She worked for two other salons, including as a booth runner, and as a supervisor overseeing eight corporate salons in Buffalo.

Her belief in teamwork and staff development — and the value of providing a great experience — led her to open Jagged Edges in April 2011.

“I just really enjoy helping stylists and inspiring them,” Lowe said. “Training and teaching them the industry.”

Jagged Edge’s stylists receive continuing education and updates regularly to keep abreast of the latest fashions and developments, she said. It helps them keep inspired and creative.

They also practice team styling, so different stylists can still serve regular clients when somebody’s on vacation.

“We all work together and our customers like that,” Lowe said. “We pretty much know each other’s customers and greet them — that family atmosphere, but still professional.”

So what’s it take to run a salon and business well?

Lowe said it’s a lot of dedication, time, training and education, with a staff which includes six stylists, three assistants and a receptionist.

“We have a lot of structure to what we do, so there are systems we have in place to keep it consistent for customers,” she said. “There’s a lot of different salons and a lot of different environments that they have, but this is just what I prefer. So that’s what drove me to open my own salon.”

When she first started her career, Lowe was more focused as a stylist. But she thinks more as an owner now, and loves watching her team develop, grow and build relationships with their clients.

And hearing from Jagged Edge’s guests how happy her team has made them.

In fact, Lowe has a sign hanging on Jagged Edges’ wall, describing the philosophy: “Land of the Good Good.” It’s a welcoming and stylish place which always features a good feeling and positive vibes.

“I always tell the girls who come in here it’s always a feel-good place for our customers,” Lowe said. “We go through a lot of life changes and events all of our guests that we have. We just like to create a positive atmosphere for everybody ... We’re definitely on top of the trends and the girls do a great job.”

Jagged Edges Salon is located at 4140 Veterans Memorial Drive in Batavia. Those interested can also check or the salon’s Facebook page.