Multiple generations oversee Harding’s Furniture success

Ted Harding, Debbie Harding-Stokes, Luke Harding and Mike Harding, of Harding’s Attica Furniture.

ATTICA — It may be a small business, but the Hardings have a big impact on the community.

Harding’s Attica Furniture has been named as the 2017 Small Business of the Year by the Wyoming County Chamber.

When he heard the news, Mike Harding said he was “actually kind of taken aback” by the news.

“It’s nice to get recognized,” he said. “We work hard.”

When he says “we,” he means it, too. For one, it is a true family operation.

The shop first opened in 1973 thanks to Harding’s mother and father, Sally and Gordon. It was then passed on to Harding and his siblings, Ted and Debbie.

Another generation was worked into the mix when Luke, son of Ted, decided he wanted to be a part of the business. Now they’re all co-owners.

When Harding says “we,” he doesn’t only mean himself and his family, though. He attributes a lot of the success to the other employees there who make everything possible.

Part of the reason for the business’s success is owed to the Hardings business savvy. The family is always on top of trends and works to keep the storefront looking fresh and stocked with the latest items.

That work pays off.

Harding said the news of the award came at a great time for the company because the store had its biggest month ever in March.

“March was a record month for the shop,” he said.

But, he added, it’s not as if he or the other owners were seeking to win the award. They were just going about their business, always looking to grow and expand, and the honor came to them.

In typical fashion, the awards ceremony will be a family affair. Harding said his mother will be there when they receive the honor and is excited to show her that the hard work pays off.

He added, too, that he hopes one day the business will be graced with the Large Business of the Year award, because it would mean the store has only continued to expand and grow.

“We’re going to go for large business of the year,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t know how big you have to be for that.”

Harding’s Attica Furniture has been a staple in the community for a long time and hopes to be so for the foreseeable future. And they have their family and community to thank.

“My family has been at this for a long time and we make a lot of effort to make a lot of people happy,” Harding said. “We earned it.”