Jan 9, 2021; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott on the sidelines in the fourth quarter game against the Indianapolis Colts at Bills Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of thoughts I would like to share on this beautiful Tuesday morning.

How about those Buffalo Bills?

The Bills won their first playoff game since Bill Clinton was in office Saturday afternoon with their much-tougher than expected 27-24 victory over Frank Reich and the Colts.

I couldn’t help at times to think Reich was still playing for the Bills with some of those questionable play calls, like going for the TD and not taking the easy three points on fourth and goal at the three.

I’m assuming he felt at the time of that decision that kicking FG’s will not beat the Bills and they needed TD’s instead. Let’s see, what’s 27 minus 24? Very questionable.

But, then again, it really should not have come right down to the final seconds either with Indy and Phillip Rivers driving late. Yes, that was a fumble.

Even Stevie Wonder saw that ball pop out after Indy’s Zach Pascal got up after his catch — with both knees up — and then Jordan Poyer forced the fumble that was recovered by Buffalo, which should have ended the game right there with under 50 ticks left.

Nope — instead a horrific call by head referee Brad Allen (no relation to Josh), gave the ball back to the Colts only 15 yards away from FG territory.

Not sure what Allen was looking at on that play. Every single person watching that replay, including the officials back in NY, had to have seen the same thing I saw, a fumble to give the Bills the win.

I’m just glad the Bills didn’t lose because of that call, that very well might have sent several Bills Mafia members directly over the edge, literally.

Despite that awful call, something, unfortunately, we have seen a lot of this year out of these NFL officials, the Bills still got the win.

Yes, they were very fortunate to win but it has to feel very satisfying if you’re a Bills fan to win a playoff game like that not playing your best football. Yes, they will have to play better this week to stop Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens and Bills are the two hottest teams in the NFL right now.

The Bills have won seven straight games since ‘Hail Murray’ back in Week 10, a 32-30 loss to Arizona.

But, they been crushing teams the past two months and have outscored their opponents 256-134 winning by an average 37-19 margin.

The Ravens have won six straight — this after losing to Pittsburgh 19-14 after Week 12.

Since that loss, when the Ravens fell to 6-5, they have won six straight games outscoring opponents 206-10, averaging victories of 34-17 in that span.

Their 20-13 road victory over Tennessee might not have looked that impressive to the average eye but when you take into consideration that same Titans team blasted the Bills 42-16 on Monday night in Week 5, then maybe you will take notice.

The much easier road for the Bills would have been Pittsburgh at home but Cleveland ruined that party.

Now if the Bills intend to make a run for Tampa and Super Bowl LV, they will have to go through Baltimore and most likely Kansas City, that’s a tough road ahead.


Section V announced last week that indoor track will have their meets hosted by Pinnacle Sports in Victor.

Their plan is simple. Every kid will receive a quick and easy temperature check before they get on the bus and also before they enter the facility. If they are good, they can enter the facility.

It’s really that easy.

Also, no fans will be allowed at these events — only the athletes, another smart decision.

Why can’t we do this with basketball, wrestling and cheerleading this winter as well? Three sports that are deemed high risk sports and if this nonsense continues any longer these sports will be lost and all these seniors will lose their final season of these “high risk” sports.

That would be a major travesty for all these kids.

After all, how does over 30 other states have all these high risk sports going on this winter, yet New York continues to keep their doors shut on basketball, cheer and wrestling.

One simple question I have is for both Senator Patrick Gallivan (59th District) and Assemblyman Stephen Hawley (139th District) on what exactly are they doing to get all high school sports back?

I hope they are not waiting for Governor Cuomo to give the green light. That light might never change at this rate.

I would be willing to bet that if Gallivan and Hawley did some research on those other 30-plus states, and what happened during the fall, and now winter seasons, they would find very few (if any) issues with kids directly contracting COVID-19 from other student-athletes while playing sports.

They may have contracted it at home or at the store, but not on the football field or the basketball court.

Maybe those are some of the scientific data our state should start looking at.

Come on people — it’s January 15 — the winter season is over in eight weeks, lets get ALL these athletes back in the gym and wrestling rooms and salvage some kind of season.

Take their temperature before they enter the gymnasium for practice and/or games. Keep the parents at home on game nights. It’s not that difficult.

Keeping these kids out of athletics is not doing them any good.

Every one of these area high school coaches are fully certified to be a coach yet it’s almost like this state doesn’t trust them to do their jobs. These kids deserved much better this past fall and now unfortunately the ignorance of this state has carried over this winter.

Get these athletes back in the gym. NOW!

Enough is enough.

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