Tuesday’s senior spring athletes’ parade was a huge hit. Many of the kids in attendance finally got some closure on what has been a difficult finish to their high school athletic careers.

I left the K-Mart parking lot after the parade had left town with a ‘Proud to be a part of the GR feeling.’

There was definitely something special in the air.

Byron-Bergen AD Rich Hannan deserves a lot of the credit for making it happen, and quite honestly, it could not have gone any better with a large turnout and excellent weather.

Hannan was very appreciative to our local police agencies for all they did for the special event that honored our local senior spring athletes.

He shared this letter with The Daily News and his GR AD’s.

“On behalf of the Genesee Region Athletic Association and area athletic directors; I would like to say thank you and please share our thanks with your entire department. I have copied in all of the area athletic directors and I can honestly say that last night was a fantastic event for our entire community. The kids and adults alike had a great time. It was safe and well executed by your staff. I personally appreciate the help from deputy Rich Schildwaster as well as his organizing with the city of Batavia PD.

Together, we all provided a fun and safe event for the county. This is who we are, and just one small example of what we can accomplish. I realize that this was just a small portion of your otherwise busy day, but it had a big impact on the kids and families all over the county. I had tons of positive feedback!”

Thanks again,


Rich Hannan

I was very proud of the seniors that attended this event. Some of these seniors probably had every right to blow off this particular parade because the parade they had envisioned — the parade they had worked their entire sports careers for — was the one that involved a fire truck escort home after winning sectionals.

That’s every high school athletes’ dream, winning a block of wood and getting the escort back to town.

That didn’t happen this spring.

But the student-athletes that showed up wearing their school colors Tuesday fully understood the meaning of school pride and school spirit and quite honestly I get choked up just thinking about the character those kids all showed that night.

Several of Tuesday night’s student-athletes were destined to win a bunch of sectional patches this spring with many more looking to make that state podium. We even had a potential state champ or two in the social distancing crowd on hand.

It wasn’t meant to be.

However, nobody was pointing the finger Tuesday night. Sure, they were ALL very disappointed that their dream was pretty much stolen away from them by this virus, but Tuesday night wasn’t about what they didn’t get the opportunity to win. Instead it was about spending time with their parents, coaches, classmates and teammates and also waving to their friends from other districts, the same people they had been competing against for years. I was so proud to be a part of that event, and the feel-good student-athletes that represented themselves and their community with tremendous school spirit and pride.

It was a night we won’t soon forget, and a night we hope won’t we won’t have to duplicate.

This group of 2020 seniors are beyond special. They are tough as nails and they persevered through one of the most difficult times imaginable.

Teachers and coaches preach all the time to these kids that there’s a bigger picture than winning championships and earning blocks. We saw that on full display at the parking lot in Batavia Tuesday...

If I were handing out awards, the top decorators would go to ‘Team Alexander’ for their incredible vehicle decorations and Trojan spirit with several vehicles and athletes in the parade, although Attica, Batavia, Byron-Bergen. Holley, Notre Dame, Pavilion and Pembroke would all place a close second.

There’s no doubt that we all learned something at this parade.

I know that I learned several valuable lessons including appreciating all you have because you never know when that might be taken away.

I also learned just how resilient and full of pride the Class of 2020 senior spring athletes are.

For those student-athletes that enjoyed Tuesday’s special night with us, thanks for the memories of a proud night for the GR.

You are all winners in my book.

Here is a complete list of all the seniors that either attended or were invited to this year’s senior spring athletes parade.

Attica (Eric Romesser)

Baseball- Cody Coughlin, Clayton Duffy, Theodore Herrmann, Lucas Krawczyk, Michael Peresan, Simon Rudolph

Softball- Abigail Fields, Claudia Hardie, Emma Scripp

Golf- Brianna Acker, Alex Biehl, Frankie Bisceglie, Jacob Gross

Tennis- Reagan Bifarella, Brianna Bubernak, Mason Hinze, Maddison O’Neil, Andrija Obradovic, Nora Parkhurst

Track- Michael St. Pierre, Taylor Bailey, Bryce Trader, Emily Badaszewski, Ryan Westermeier, Randsley Berry, Abby Biehl, Madeline Folts, Megan Folts, Jacqueline Kibler, Emily Tait, Jamie Thompson

Alexander (Robert Adams)

Baseball- Adam Hess, Carson Wright, Dylan Busch, Evan Whitmore, Hayden Walton, JT Mcarthy, Tyrone Woods

Softball- Kayla Yax, Taylor Fletcher, Emily Balduf, Sydney Smith

Girls Track- Nina Bodnarskij, Ashley Stanley, Hailee Lowe, Claire Slenker, Cayna Bliss, McKenzie Nichols, Lauren Schmieder

Boys Track- Daniel Santullo , Ethan Heinemen, Liam Crawford, Bryce Davis, Lowell Chamberlain, Nate Luker, Dalton James

Tennis- Abigail Bykowski, Blanca Facchini, Cianna Kusmierski, Ethan Stroud

Batavia (Mike Bromley)

Baseball- Zachary Anderson, Luke Grammatico, Jake Humes, Nathan Ryan, Spencer Schmidt, Josh Weis

Golf- Paige Haile, Kyle Johnson, Andres Mateos, Bryce Reigle

Track- Zeshan Armstrong, Levi Bluhm, Ayden Dowd-DeVay, Cody Eisenberger, Nick Figlow, Wyatt Gaus, Joey Gefell, Garrick Havens, Daemon Konieczny, Andrew Lin, Colton Martin, Alex Rood, Mario Rosales, Jake Torcello, Brandon Warren, Sara Adams, Margaret Andersen, Julianna Branche, Arianna Brown, Camryn Buck, Maya Ciociola, Sydney DellaPenna, Emily Janes, Emelie Maysonet Santiago, Anastasia Sobol, Madeline Taggart, Aubrey Towner

Tennis- Aaron Dillon, Adrian Laird, Riley Schrader, Hunter Schramm, Anthony Sprague, Gavin Tucker

Softball- Irelyn Curry, Alyssa Escobar, Maiya Reinhart

Lacrosse- Matthew Beach Jr., Cody Burns, Ben Paserk, John Petry

Byron-Bergen (Rich Hannan)

Golf- Wyatt Sando, Chad Green

Baseball- Ryan Bridge, Alex Brumsted

Softball- Julianna Amesbury, Lucy Bobzien, Arianna Bobzien, Jacey Donahue, Lizzy Donnelly, Chloe Shusky, Abby Vurraro

Girls Track- Miriam Tardy, Siomara Caballero, Jill Menzie

Boys Track- Ben Wilkins, Braden Zimmerman, Bryce Yockel, Caleb Sharp, Clayton Sadler, Travis Lambert, Zach Hannan

Tennis- Caitlyn Ashton, Kyle Foeller, Sara Fraser, Alex Heatherman, Colton Henry, Cambria Kinkelar, John Mercovich, Sam Pringle, Peter Smith, Hannah Catalino, Amaya Gunther, Megan Bougue-Lamarca, Nate Zwerka

Elba (Mark Beehler)

Track- Colton Dillon, Kelly Mickey, Trinity Aponte, Esmeralda Ocampo

Golf- Holden Brinkman, Morgan Harrington

Baseball- Tyler Stevens

Softball- Lauryn Engle, Paige Heale, Gina Guiliani, Camryn Knapp

Tennis- Isabella Riner

Holley (Dan Courtney)

Golf- Bradley Kingdollar

Tennis- Katelynn Lipton

Track- Adrian Orrochano Colmenares, Haleigh Falls, Constanca Fernandes, Sarah Harrington, Rachel Killian, Allana Knopp, Janelle Milles, Ava Parr, Logan Pryor, Richard Webster

Softball- Alexis Clemons, Aliyah Weaver, Jade Hoffarth, Milla Steenholdt, Ashleigh Boyce

Baseball- Nick Ballard, Jamel Hildreth, Kohl Morgan, Jacob Norman, Cody Tanis, Malachi Rowcloffe, Antonio Farruggia

Kendall (Nicholas Picardo)

Softball- Rebecca Banker, Olivia Caldwell, Brittney Marks, Katherine Pearson, Elizabeth Sutphen, Autumn Woodward

Golf- Noah Tantalo

Track- Nikolas Richardson, Nicholas Spellan, Dale Steffen

Baseball- Thomas Buzard III, Riley Hirschman, Mason Kuhn, Jayden Pieniaszek, Noah Rath, Tyler Schmeer, Brian Shaw, Garrett Sheffield, Noah Walzer

Le Roy (Jamie Clark)

Track- Kade Lambert, ️Aidan Robinson, ️Phil Hahn, Aidan Harrington, Doug Irwin, Alex Gephart, Robbie Green, Chris Gualtieri, Connor Beagle, Richard Carpino, Andrew Englerth, Mia Hampton, Ellie Sorensen, Emily Eckdahl, Ally Flint, Kayla Fussell

Golf- ️Austin Eschberger, ️Grant Gilligan

Tennis- Macy Purdy, 🎾Cameron Smith, 🎾Eliot Smith, Josiah Cifelli, Kaylynn Cone

Softball- 🥎Olivia Johnson, Bailey Logsdon, Emma Miller

Baseball- Kyler LaCarte, Tim Lee, Tommy Saunders, Ryan Friend, Cole Heaney, Adam Jackson, Chase Bordonaro, Giavanni Caccamise, Anthony Filio.

Notre Dame (Mike Rapone)

Track- Austin Carrick, Gwyneth Hansen, Noah Kollarik, Adryona Miller, Jamel Okoebor, Madeline Payton, Jed Reese, Jayson Reinhart, Dakota Sica, Keith Szczepanski, Samuel Zerillo.

Baseball- Ethan Chadbourne, David Russo, Alexander Totten.

Softball- Cynthia Dykstra-Culver, Megan Goras, Abigail Pingrey, Montana Weidman.

Tennis- Maxwell Hutchins, Benjamin Lemley,

Oakfield-Alabama (Jeff Schlagenhauf)

Baseball- Joey Burdick, Aiden Johnston, Ryan Manges, Jarrod Smith

Softball- Allison Woodward, Brianna Smith, Julia Uhrinek

Tennis- Maggie DeMare, Cierra Tiede

Track- Dawson Coffey, Aiden Corneilius, Noah Gray, Owen Hogle, Alex Hoy, Derek McIntire, Aaron Plath, Alex Pratz, Dylan Rykert, Ryan Sage, Joey Staniszewski, Anthony Sutliff, Kennedy Grice, Nick Munger, Catherine Grossman, Frida Peralta, Kristina Simon, Tatym Stack

Pavilion (Jim Sattora)

Golf- Cole Calice, Alex Stalica, Brett Lubberts, Tyler Norton

Softball- Anna Davis, Lindsay Lowe

Track- Cameron Milligan, Donald Reinhart, Chalmers Wolcott

Baseball-Parker Phelps, Owen Sidhu, Charles Urbanczyk

Pembroke (Ryan Winship)

Softball- Casey Wurtz

Baseball- Austin Connell, Ethan Librock, Patrick Wolford

Track- Jacob Lawson

Tennis- Jacey Ray Pfalzer

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