GENESEO — Local cross country runners were back on the course on Wednesday, with Geneseo hosting three GRAA/LCAA opponents for the first league meet of the season. On the boys’ side, Oakfield-Alabama/Elba swept the competition while finishing 2-1 on the girls’ side.

O-A/E’s Zach Hall ran away from the competition, recording a time of 16:12 to win the boys’ race by over a minute and a half. O-A/E’s Connor Domoy (17:44) placed second, just six seconds ahead of third-place finisher Sebastian Kitt (17:50) of Pembroke. O-A/E had one more runner place inside the top-five, Colton Yasses (18:14) who crossed the finish line only eight seconds before fifth-place finisher Nick Staley (18:22) of Geneseo.

Three more O-A/E harriers helped round out the top-10, as Logan Clark (6-18:33), Jordan Schlagenhauf (7-18:34), and Ethan Cornelius (8-18:50) crossed the finish line consecutively. Pembroke’s Everett Hartz (19:17) and Keith Neureuter (19:30) placed ninth and 10th, respectively.

On the girls’ side, Geneseo’s Catherine Staley placed first with a time of 20 minutes flat, while teammates Addy Capel (20:41) and Mallory Rice (21:12) finished second and third, respectively. Dansville’s Maggie Bacon (4-21:37), Pembroke’s Leah Filter (5-21:53), O-A/E’s Kayla Harding (6-22:19), Dansville’s Brianne Hurlburt (7-22:32), Pembroke’s Emily Peters (8-22:39), Geneseo’s Jasmine Rozalski (9-22:56) and O-A/E’s McKenna Johnson (10-23:10) rounded out the top-10.

Girls team scores: Geneseo 23, Dansville 33; O-A/E 28, Dansville 29; Dansville 15, Pembroke Inc.; Geneseo 23, O-A.E 34; Geneseo 15, Pembroke Inc.; O-A/E 15, Pembroke Inc

Boys team scores: Dansville 22, Geneseo 36; O-A/E 15, Dansville 49; Pembroke 23, Dansville 33; O-A/E 17, Geneseo 46; Pembroke 21, Geneseo 38; O-A/E 18, Pembroke 43


Livonia had a big day, led by Jillian Genthner and Owen Hensler, who won the girls’ and boys’ race, respectively. Hensler finished the race in 18:59, while Genthner recorded a time of 23:38. The Bulldogs also swept the team competition, defeating Byron-Bergen, Le Roy, and Wayland-Cohocton on both the boys’ and girls’ side.

Finishing behind Hensler was teammate Christian Tewksbury (19:32), while Le Roy’s Erik Schwab (19:33) rounded out the top three. Way-Coh’s Tyler Jordan placed fourth with a time of 19:52, and Byron-Bergen’s Lincoln McGrath came in fifth (19:54). Livonia had six total runners finish inside the top-10, including Genthner and Hensler, along with Luke Lawton (6-20:08), Chris Coyle (7-20:09), Adam DelGrand (8-20:57). Le Roy’s Aiden Soggs (9-21:06) also finished inside the top-10.

On the girls’ side, Livonia runners made up the entirety of the top-4, with Cameron Rode (23:41) finishing behind Genthner, and Olivia Krebbeks (23:46), and Alyssa Healy (24:07) finishing third and fourth respectively. Three Le Roy runners crossed the finish line next, Charlotte Blake (5-24:31), Ashley Totten (6-24:38), and Gabrielle Slivinski (7-24:51), while three Byron-Bergen harriers rounded out the top-10 - Laura Redinger (8-26:00), Stephanie Onderdonk (9-26:09), and Julia Schlenker Stephens (10-26:17).

Girls team scores: Le Roy 24, Byron-Bergen 32; Livonia 18, Byron-Bergen 39; Byron-Bergen 15, Way-Coh Inc.; Livonia 19, Le Roy 38; Le Roy 15, Way-Coh Inc.; Livonia 15, Way-Coh Inc.

Boys team scores: Le Roy 27. Byron-Bergen 28; Livonia 18, Byron-Bergen 43; Byron-Bergen 22, Way-Coh 35; Livonia 18, Le Roy 42; Le Roy 23, Way-Coh 34; Livonia 18, Way-Coh 45


Avon’s Izzy Marzec (21:44.20) recorded a first-place finish, as did Warsaw’s Mitchel Felix (19:25) during a league meet at Avon High School Wednesday afternoon.

Marzec won the girls’ race finishing just six-tenths of a second ahead of the second-place finisher, Alexander’s Jadyn Mullen (21:44.80). Three Avon runners rounded out the top-five, Joleigh Crye (3-24:50), Kaitlyn Geary (4-24:56), and Gabrielle Kashorek (5-24:57). Alexander’s Laurel Kania (25:15) placed sixth, while the Trojans’ Erin Hess came in 10th (28:01). Avon’s Emma Kostraba (26:17) and Katrina Dale (26:22) placed seventh and eighth, respectively.

On the boys’ side, Avon harriers made up the majority of the top-10, as Thomas Welch (2-19:53), Holden Volpe (3-20:17), Jaden Courtemanche (4-20:35), Colin Farmer (5-21:19), and Brian Lewis (6-21:46) all crossed the finish line in order. Three Alexander runners placed inside the top-10, including Jett Davis (7-21:58), Cooper Davis (8-22:30), and Jay Morrison (9-22:47). Keshequa’s Andrew Betts (10-23:12) rounded out the top-10.


The Notre Dame boys cross country team picked up where it left off last season, cruising to wins over host Cal-Mum, Holley, and Bath-Haverling. All three teams were incomplete.

Notre Dame runners made up the entirety of the top-four, as Andrew Ricupito (19:27) led the way, with teammate Ben Skalny (19:28) finishing just a second behind him. ND’s Zack Babcock (20:21) came in third, while Jordan Welker finished fourth (20:03)

Harry Schafer (21:16) placed sixth for the Irish. Cal-Mum’s Tyler Brabant (20:53) came in fifth. Bath-Haverling’s Cameron Boyer (7-22:03), ND’s Owen Mileham (8-23:08), Holley’s Dylan Clemens (9-23:11) and ND’s Aaron Treleaven (10-24:23) rounded out the top-10.

“I was thrilled with what Harry Schafer did today. He is a kid that has worked from being a 35:00 runner his freshman year to a 21:00 runner his senior year,” said ND head coach Eric Geitner. “His drive to be the best he possibly can be is unmatched. I am so proud of where he is.”

The ND girls team also found success on Wednesday, as Grace Mileham finished second with a time of 26:11, just seven seconds behind race winner Adrianna Botello of Holley. ND’s Courtney Daniels (28:47) placed third, Maggie Woodruff (29:09) came in fourth, and Skye Colantonio finished fifth in 29:21. Cal-Mum’s Leah Brabant placed sixth in 30:56, Bath-Haverling’s Bailey Vogt came in seventh in 31:08, Holley’s Molly Welch placed eighth in 31:28, and ND’s Lindsey Weidman placed ninth in 31:37.

Holley, Bath, and Cal-Mum were incomplete.

“I am very proud of these girls. Most of them would be playing volleyball. Without that opportunity for volleyball this season, they took a chance to try something new, and they showed themselves that they can do something they never thought possible,” concluded Geitner. “It is going to be satisfying to watch them continue to grow.”

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