LAS VEGAS – Only one qualified ride separated Teams Boot Barn and Cat when the dust settled inside the Let ‘Er Buck Saloon at South Point Arena in Las Vegas and it was Team Boot Barn that won the middle game of Division B action of PBR’s new team tournament, 169-83.75.

PBR newcomer Clayton Sellars (Fruitland Park, Florida) gave the game its first ride during the first half of Game 2 on Friday night when he bested Bad Brad (Humpz and Hornz/Sis ‘N’ Stan Bucking Bulls), as Team Cat jumped out to an 83.75-point lead. But Team Boot Barn stormed back in the second half when Braden Richardson (Jasper, Texas) gritted out an 86.5-point trip aboard Gangster of Love (Julio Moreno/Dallas Schott), which was tied for the high-marked ride of the night. Team Captain Daylon Swearingen (Piffard, New York) came into the chutes with the game locked at one ride a piece, and burst out of the chutes aboard Rocket (Julio Moreno/Dallas Schott). Matching the bovine bucker jump for jump, Swearingen heard the whistle for an 82.5-point reward, and Team Boot Barn’s first win in the new team tournament.

“It was great to get my job done in Round 2, because it told us that we were still in it,” noted Braden Richardson.

“It means a lot to finish the night with a win and a ride,” said Team Boot Barn captain Daylon Swearingen. “We’re a great team. We’ve just got to finish our bulls and fix the mistakes we made and keep moving forward.”

Day one of competition for Division B of PBR’s Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol, began with a narrow victory on the final ride of the game for Team Pendleton Whisky, edging Team South Point 166.5-158. Battling blow for blow with Team South Point and the return of its captain Cody Nance (Paris, Tennessee), Lucas Divino (Nova Crixas Goias, Brazil) came in clutch for Pendleton. Nance led the way for Team South Point in Round 1 with the team’s only qualified ride, an 86-point effort aboard Marquis Metal Works Draggin Up (Paradigm Bull Company/Marquis Metal Works), and Ty Wallace (Collbran, Colorado) took care of business aboard Quickfire (Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Clay Struve/Heald Pro Bulls) for 72 points. Wallace was given the opportunity for a re-ride, and he kept his score, a gamble that would cost his team. After Team Pendleton Whisky captain Marco Eguchi (Poa, Brazil) aggravated a pre-existing groin injury in Round 1, Amadeu Campos Silva (Atair, Brazil) stepped in off of the bench in Round 2 to best No Prisoners (Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Clay Struve/Heald Pro Bulls) for 81.25 points, the first ride of the night for Team Pendleton Whisky. On the last out of the night, in a must-ride situation, Divino covered his second-half opponent and 2019 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo bucker Mortimer (Julio Moreno/Dallas Schott) for 85.25 points, giving his team the walk-off win in the first game of Division B competition of PBR’s new team tournament.

“The night didn’t start like we expected. I might miss day two, my leg is a little hurt. We’ll have to see tomorrow. But my team did their job tonight,” Marco Eguchi said.

“My first bull was a really good bull,” said Lucas Divino after the game. “I tried to change my rope and he beat me. My second bul,l I told myself that I will ride this bull, and I took care of it. I’m so happy that I was able to keep riding.”

Team Ariat: 86.5 Points

Team Lucas Oil: 83 Points

The final game of Challenge Night Seven of PBR’s new team tournament was decided by two major PBR stars returning from significant injuries. Team Ariat Team Captain Cooper Davis (Jasper, Texas), back in action following a neck fracture in January, dueled not only his bulls, but fellow PBR star Ryan Dirteater (Hulbert, Oklahoma), returning to competition following thoracic spine fractures in February. On the night’s first out, the 2016 PBR World Champion was smooth and in control, promptly putting up an 86.5-point ride on Snake Eyes (Cottonwood Bucking Bulls, LLC). Next up, Dirteater refused to hit the dirt aboard Pistol (Cottonwood Bucking Bulls, LLC), riding to an 83-point trip to tie the game at one bull a piece. With the nail-biter continuing into Round 2 after neither team was able to add another qualified ride, the night’s final game came down to Davis facing off against Scottie Knapp (Edgewood, New Mexico), brought in to replace Matt Triplett (Columbia Falls, Montana) who had been stepped on by a first-half re-ride bull Red Snapper (Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Clay Struve). Armageddon (Stockyards/Scott Winston/Melton Bull Company) proved too quick, and Davis hit the dirt in 5.24 second, leaving the show to Knapp. The two-time PBR World Finals qualifier spurred but sputtered in five seconds flat, as he drew the YETI Built For The Wild Bull of the Night Hurricane Party (Stockyards/Pritchett Ranch/Melton Bull Company) who was marked 44.5 points for his out. The buckoff sealed the 86.5 – 83 victory for Team Ariat, as it improved to 1-0 while Team Lucas Oil drops to 0-1 for the opening weekend. Team Lucas Oil captain Matt Triplett is probably for Challenge Day Eight, tomorrow.

“I had a really good first bull tonight,” recapped Team Ariat captain Cooper Davis. “I felt really good in my first one back on the big show.”

“It’s great to win,” mentioned Tyler Bingham. “But we’ve got to ride through the whistle instead of to the whistle.”

CHALLENGE DAY 1: New PBR Team Tournament Launches with a Blowout, Shutout and Dramatic Seesaw Battle at South Point Arena in Las Vegas

Team Cooper Tires (1-0) Defeats Team Can-Am (0-1) │ 336.25-87

Team Las Vegas (1-0) Defeats Team YETI (0-1) │ 88.25-0

Team Union Home Mortgage (1-0) Defeats Team Wrangler (0-1) │ 337-257.25

CHALLENGE DAY 2: Powerhouse Shutouts, Gritty Rides and High Adrenaline Action Headline Challenge Day 2

Team Can-Am (1-1) Defeats Team Wrangler (0-2) │ 347.25-0

Team Las Vegas (2-0) Defeats Team Union Home Mortgage (1-1) │ 257-85.25

Team Cooper Tires (2-0) Defeats Team YETI (0-2) │ 332-0

CHALLENGE DAY 3: Team Cooper Tires Builds Sizeable Lead with Third Consecutive Win to Conclude First Weekend of New PBR Team Challenge

Team Las Vegas (3-0) Defeats Team Wrangler (0-3) │ 175.75-0

Team YETI (1-2) Defeats Team Can-Am (1-2) │ 173-86.5

Team Cooper Tires (3-0) Defeats Team Union Home Mortgage (1-2) │ 175.75-88.5

CHALLENGE DAY 4: Unstoppable Team Cooper Tires and Resurgent Team Wrangler Headline Explosive Action from Challenge Day 4 of New PBR Team Challenge

Team Can-Am (2-2) Defeats Team Union Home Mortgage (1-3) │ 173.25-0

Team Wrangler (1-3) Defeats Team YETI (1-3) │ 259.5-254.25

Team Cooper Tires (4-0) Defeats Team Las Vegas (3-1) │ 259.25-84.5

CHALLENGE DAY 5: Dramatic Finishes on Challenge Day 5 of PBR Team Challenge Architect Must-Win Game for Final Division A Championship Berth

Team Cooper Tires (5-0) Defeats Team Wrangler (1-4) │ 173-170.25

Team Las Vegas (4-1) Defeats Team Can-Am (2-3) │ 175.25-89.25

Team Union Home Mortgage (2-3) Defeats Team Team YETI (1-4) │ 88-87.5

CHALLENGE DAY 6: Mauricio Moreira Converts Under Pressure in Game’s Final Out to Propel Team Can-Am to PBR Team Challenge Playoffs in Sioux Falls

Team Wrangler (2-4-0) Defeats Team Yeti (1-5-0) | 176.25-88.25

Team Cooper Tires (6-0-0) Defeats Team Las Vegas (4-2-0) | 259-0

Team Can-Am (3-3-0) Defeats Team Union Home Mortgage (2-4-0) | 173.5-172.75

Here are the Top bull scores recorded on Challenge Day 7 of the 2020 PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol:

1. Hurricane Party (Stockyards/Pritchett Ranch/Melton Bull Co) – 44.50 points (Challenge Day 7 –Daylon Swearingen, 5 seconds)

2. Soy El Fuego (Stockyards/Scott Winston/Melton Bull Company) – 44.25 points (Challenge Day 7 – Ky Hamilton, 3.43 seconds)

3. Spotted Demon (Julio Moreno/Dallas Schott) – 44 points (Challenge Day 7 – Daylon Swearingen, 6.74 seconds)

Marquis Metal Works Bill The Butcher (Paradigm Bull Company/Marquis Metal Works – 44 points (Challenge Day 7 – Marco Eguchi, 2.72 seconds)

Here are the standings for Division B after Challenge Day 7 of the 2020 PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol:

1. Team Boot Barn, 1-0-0-169 points

2. Team Pendleton Whisky, 1-0-0-166.5 points

3. Team Ariat, 1-0-0-86.5 points

4. Team South Point, 0-1-0-158 points

5. Team Cat, 0-1-0-83.75 points

6. Team Lucas Oil, 0-1-0-83 points

Here are the standings for the Built Ford Tough MVP race for the 2020 PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol after Challenge Day

1. Jose Vitor Leme, 9-for-12, 779.5 points

2. Roscoe Jarboe, 5-for-12, 434.75 points

3. Mauricio Moreira, 5-for-12, 431.25 points

4. Derek Kolbaba, 4-for-12, 347.5 points

5. Colten Jesse, 4-for-12, 347 points

6. Stetson Wright, 3-for-12, 261.75 points

7. Mason Taylor, 3-for-9, 260 points

8. Stetson Lawrence, 3-for-9, 260 points

9. Chase Dougherty, 3-for-10, 260 points

10. Luciano de Castro, 3-for-11, 258 points

11. Garrett Smith, 3-for-10, 255 points

12. Sage Kimzey, 3-for-10, 254.5 points

13. Keyshawn Whitehorse, 3-for-5, 241.25 points

14. Rafael dos Santos, 2-for-5, 175.75 points

15. Ezekiel Mitchell, 2-for-9, 175.25 points

16. Fabiano Vieira, 2-for-10, 174.5 points

17. Silvano Alves, 2-for-11, 167 points

Here are the game matchups for Challenge Day 8 on Saturday, June 20, for the second day of games of Division B of the 2020 PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol:

Team Boot Barn vs.Team Pendleton Whisky

Team Cat vs. Team Ariat

Team Lucas Oil vs.Team South Point

Challenge Day 8 for the 2020 PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol, gets underway Saturday, June 19 at 10 p.m. ET. Action will be LIVE on CBS Sports Network and RidePass. CBS Sports will again broadcast the Game of the Week on Sunday.

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