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Purple Pegasus: New shop brings yoga, gluten-free products to Caledonia

CALEDONIA — After years of listening to people ask her to open her own yoga studio, JoanMarie Cartier is answering that call.

Her new business is called the Purple Pegasus and is located at 3141 State St. in Caledonia. It will be in the building of the historic Masonic Building at the corner of State Street and East Avenue.

The business name, she says, is a tribute to her late mother.

“My mother passed away and purple was her favorite color and Pegasus was her favorite animal and I gave her one every year,” said Cartier.

With those fond memories and insistence of the community, Cartier said she took a chance and opened the new business.

“I have had so many people over the past two years ask me when I would start teaching again because I was teaching in Mumford for a short time, but that place closed and I also had a baby,” said Cartier.

She says it will also be a space where local artists can showcase their work.

“It is not consignment, it is a collaborative and the vendors pay a rental fee per month and they get a specific amount of space,” said Cartier.

From fine art to natural body oils, she says there will be a little bit of something for everyone.

“It is a little bit of everything. It is a lot of local artists. We have a couple of fine art painters, a photographer, people that do blown glass, as well as a jewelry artist. We have a woman who sells crystals,” said Cartier.

The store is carefully arranged with artwork and crafts around the outer edges of the store and an intentional open space in the middle of the business.

“We have the artists in here, as you can see and it ranges from fine art paintings, crochet, knit and blown glass. It is also going to have vegan baked goods and it will also be a yoga space, which is why the whole middle of the floor is open,” said Cartier.

The yoga classes she said will be scheduled two nights a week. Everyone of all abilities is welcome to attend.

“It is for everyone and all ages can attend.

“It will be a very beginner class for those that do not have any introduction to yoga or know what the positions are,” said Cartier.

For those who don’t know what the positions are Cartier said she will teach people. For those that do know the moves she said a more advanced class will also be offered.

The yoga classes offer simple moves that she said can have big benefits not only on the body, but also on the mind.

“It calms you down through the exercise and with the breathing. It centers and it is for centering and bringing everything together,” said Cartier.

What she hopes will also bring people to the business is its selection of gluten free vegan baked goods that will be available for purchase.

“There is not many gluten free vegan baked goods anywhere. It is really hard to find.

It will be cookies, bread, muffins, donuts, brownies and everything,” said Cartier.

For more information on the store and the hours Cartier says people should visit her Facebook page at; https://www.facebook.com/thepurplepegasus.

She said hers is a new business that she hopes will not only help bring people out but also help to celebrate local artists and all the work that they do.

“Hopefully it will being people out and help to support local businesses,” said Cartier.

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