Assistant city manager departing

Jill Wiedrick

BATAVIA — The assistant city manager’s chair will be vacant when Jill Wiedrick works her last day with the city Friday. When a new assistant manager is selected, that person may be have neighborhood revitalization as one of his or her duties.

At Monday night’s City Council Business Meeting, City Manager Rachael Tabelski thanked Wiedrick for her help. Wiedrick began as assistant city manager in July. She is moving on to a job with the village of Fairport, Tabelski said.

“I want to thank Jill Wiedrick for her time and work on the city, especially with the city software project implementation. She did a lot of work and (is) continuing to advance our IT in various departments, which we really appreciate, and the intergov software which our codes department will be using is almost ready to launch. Jill’s last day with us is Friday.

In a statement Tuesday, Tabelski said, “It was a pleasure to work with Jill, and I wish her all the best in her career pursuit. The city is actively advertising the position of assistant city manager to fill the position.”

Tabelski said the position has been advertised and some people have contacted the city about it.

“I’ve actually had half-a-dozen calls from folks who are interested in the position and learning more about it,” she said. “We haven’t set up interviews. I’d like to see it filled by July, with interviews happening within the month.”

The salary range is $85,000 to $103,000, depending on experience, the city manager said.

“One of the biggest things I see with the position is launching a neighborhood revitalization strategy,” she said Tuesday. “The main goal of this revitalization is to preserve the tax base and eliminate blight in our neighborhoods.”

Strategy for revitalization would include:

n Vacant properties inventory;

n Helping people stay in their homes;

n Addressing how residents can report blight;

n Use of the 421-f Home Rehab Program — a real property tax exemption applied to capital improvements to residential property. The exemption applies only to the increase in assessed value created by the improvement.; n property maintenance code changes;

n Home rehab grants to help low income home owners.

“The city has taken different pieces of this (the goals) over time. They had a dedicated intern looking at vacant properties and zombie homes, but that program was never sustained,” Tabelski said. It was an intern position and funding for it ran out, she said.

Tabelski said the 421-f Home Rehab Program was created several years ago.

“We have not had participation in the 421-F program. We need to evaluate why the program hasn’t been used,” she said. “(Former City Manager) Jason Molino was the one who shepherded it through all three taxing jurisdictions (the city, the county and the school district).”

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