BATAVIA — The kids got to dress up in costumes Saturday, get free candy and walk around Dwyer Stadium and on the field with their parents. The Muckdogs got to keep their presence in the community’s mind with the baseball season not resuming until mid-2022.

“We took over the park. It’s really the community’s park and their baseball stadium. We want it to be used for a lot of things,” Muckdogs owner Robbie Nichols said. “We came up with this idea for Halloween, giving back to the kids and it worked great.”

The sponsors for the event were great, Nichols said, noting there were about 30 companies there with tables, passing out candy.

“It’s just a great event for Batavia,” he said, estimating there were about 2,000 kids vising the stadium. “It’s great for the kids, gives them something to do. We’re all kids, too, and we love Halloween.”

Kids and families walked onto the field and visited various vendors.

“They get a chance to walk across Dwyer Stadium field, which a lot of people haven’t had the opportunity to do,” Nichols said.

There was music playing throughout the event and among those who were there were the Ghostbusters, whose car was parked behind the first-base side bleachers.

With the great turnout Saturday, kids and fans can expect trick or treating to happen at Dwyer next year, the Muckdogs’ owner said.

Amber and Kyle Seaver of Pavilion were there Saturday with their kids, Aubrey and Evan Elliott, ages 9 and 11, respectively.

“They’re excited about it,” Amber Seaver said, adding that the dance academy Aubrey is a member of, KMS Dance Academy, LLC of Batavia, had the information about the trick or treat on its Facebook page.

Aubrey and Evan were probably there for the candy, their parents, said, although the kids also said they liked the bounce house. The family will be back next year, the Seavers said.

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