BRIAN QUINN/DAILY NEWS Police Wednesday night reported returning Snowball and said they are investigating what happened last weekend.

BATAVIA — Batavia police say a dog, reported stolen by its Thorpe Street owner, has been returned safely.

Police said the dog, Snowball, was returned Wednesday to owner Rich Bailey Sr. An investigation continues.

“We had gotten a tip from a citizen on where the animal was,” said Public Information Officer Detective Eric Hill. “The animal was at a particular location. We ended up going there and finding an individual in possession of the animal.”

Hill said Snowball was located in the town of Batavia, but did not specify the location due to the investigation.

“I don’t know if there’s going to be charges at this point,” he said.

Hill this morning said the police report doesn’t say whether the dog was injured or malnourished.

“We had spoken to the individual who had the dog. He gave us his side of the story. The dog was returned to Bailey,” he said.

On Wednesday, while Snowball was still missing, Hill said police checked the area where the dog lives for cameras, but didn’t find any which would have captured the incident.

“We don’t know how the dog was taken. There’s no video evidence in the area,” he said this morning. “We don’t know if the dog was stolen or if it got off its leash. We’re still looking into it. We’re treating it as a stolen dog because that’s how Mr. Bailey reported it.”

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