BATAVIA — Batavia and portions of Genesee County are now included in a microcluster “yellow zone”, Gov. Andrew Coumo announced during a Monday afternoon news conference.

The yellow precautionary zone is being established after Batavia met the metrics for the designation, the governor's office said, and accounts for the majority of hospital admissions from the county during the past two weeks.

There were 21 county residents hospitalized as of Monday afternoon, according to data from the Genesee County Department of Health.

More details about the designation weren’t immediately available.

The designation arrives after an increase in COVID-19 numbers which has occurred for at least the past month.

"The bottom line is, we're going to have to manage the spread and the hospital capacity until the vaccination," Cuomo said in a Monday afternoon briefing. "I think of it as a footrace between holiday spread and hospital capacity, and vaccination critical mass. The problem is, the experts say vaccination critical mass isn't for six to nine months. That's not a footrace. That's not a sprint. That's more of a marathon, six to nine months. And we have to get our heads in the game that we still have a marathon to run with this virus."

According to the New York Forward website, gatherings in non-residential areas are limited to 25 people, indoors and outdoors, within yellow zones.

Residential gatherings are limited to 10 people.

Businesses remain open, but restaurants have a four-person maximum per table, with on-premises consumption ending at 10 p.m.

Schools can remain open but 20 percent weekly testing of students and faculty are required.

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