Ex-con jailed for domestic

CASTILE — A Castile man has been arrested and charged with insurance fraud for paying a juvenile to intentionally wreck his snowmobile, Wyoming County sheriff’s investigators said.

Scott Fitzgerald, 50, was charged with third-degree grand larceny after a year-long investigation led by Bradley McGinnis.

The investigation revealed that Fitzgerald in January 2019 paid a juvenile to damage the snowmobile and that Fitzgerald filed a claim to collect insurance money.

He allegedly told the insurance company that he was operating the snowmobile at the time it was wrecked.

He collected $8,835 in insurance money.

“Fraud investigations by nature are laborious and complex,” Sheriff Gregory Rudolph said in a news release. “I am grateful to NYS Division of Financial Services for assisting and gathering critical investigative facts to bring this case to a close.”

Insurance fraud affects many, said Linda A. Lacewell, superintendent of Financial Services.

“This individual who proceeded to file a false insurance claim will now be held responsible thanks to the joint investigative efforts of NYDFS and the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office,” she said. “Insurance fraud defrauds not only the insurance company responsible for the claim but policyholders as well. NYDFS will continue to work with our law enforcement counterparts to uncover and resolve fraudulent insurance schemes.”

If anyone else has knowledge of this incident, or of additional suspicious insurance claims involving the defendant, they can contact Investigator McGinnis at the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office at (585) 786-8989.

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