PERRY — Brian True and Stacia True have protected 770 acres of the True Farm using three conservation easements that will keep the land open as farmland, forever, according to Genesee Valley Conservancy officials.

Project highlights include:

n Soils — The farm boasts over 56 percent USDA Prime soils and 32 percent NYS Important soils, some of the most productive ground in New York state.

n Expanding Protections — The project is the third in Perry and connects to both previous farmland protection projects from the conservancy.

n Scenic — More than four miles of road frontage are protected.

The True family has operated as a dairy farm since the early 1800s in Spencerport, Monroe County. The family moved the operation and family from Spencerport in 1979, due to the increasing development pressure from the City of Rochester, to purchasing 380 acres for their 140 cows.

The farm has grown steadily over the years and it now milks more 1,000 cows, raises its own calves and replacement heifers, and farms more than 1,200 acres — owned and rented — to grow the crops needed to support the herd.

In addition to the dairy business, the farm grows sweet corn, pumpkins and other ornamental gourds for direct-to-consumer sales through farm stands in the fall.

The True Project is the third farmland protection project in the Town of Perry. The True lands are directly adjacent to the lands protected by the Silver Meadows Farm and the Old Acres Farm, creating a significant block of permanently protected agricultural land.

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