Provided Photograph The Old Hippies, Kay McDonald, center, and Bill McDonald, right, will perform an end of summer concert on Labor Day at the Asbury Retreat Center on Silver Lake. Vincent Pastore, left, has joined the Old Hippies during recent shows.

The Old Hippies will present an end-of-summer concert at the Asbury Retreat Center, 16 Lakeside Ave., on Silver Lake on Labor Day.

The performance, scheduled for 1 p.m., will continue at recent tradition of the Silver Lake Institute present an end-of-season concert. This will be the ninth such concert.

But the arrival of the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 nearly put an end to the tradition.

But a decentralization grant from the state Council on the Arts, obtained through the Arts Council for Wyoming County allowed the Silver Lake Institute to present the concert.

Arts Council for Wyoming County Executive Director Jacquelyn Swaby, ACWC Grant Coordinator Linda Franke and grant writer Julie Hoffner decided to “think outside the box” and along with Silver Lake’s Program Committee found a way to present a safe and enjoyable live event.

Kay and Bill McDonald, who perform as the Old Hippies, will take the stage at 1 p.m. on the Asbury Retreat Center dock along Lakeside Avenue for an hour-long show.

There are several ways people will be able to enjoy the music:

N Lots of lawn seating is available on the large, grassy area between the Asbury dock and Lakeside Avenue. Those choosing that option should don a mask and bring their own lawn chair or blanket.

N Boaters are welcome to gather and enjoy the music from Silver Lake, while be considerate regarding noise and other boaters who may be in a variety of watercraft.

N There is also ample parking in the Asbury lot. Those who chose that option may wish to stay in – or sit beside – their vehicle, and listen to the concert via an FM transmission at 91.9 FM. Those with a house or cottage in close proximity may also be able to pick up the transmission.

Since perfect weather cannot be guaranteed, the contingent plan for rain or excessive wind will allow the first 50 persons wearing masks to listen to the concert inside Koinonia Inn on the Asbury Retreat Center grounds, opposite the Dock on the east side of Lakeside Avenue (entrance from Chapman Avenue across from the Institute’s Epworth Hall).

The Institute will also videotape and replay the concert in its entirety, beginning Sept. 10 on Silver Lake Arts’ YouTube channel:

There is no charge to attend, listen to or view the Labor Day concert.

As a separate activity, Asbury Retreat Center will offer a to-go, box lunch for from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Koinonia Inn. Cost is $10.

The mission of the Silver Lake Institute, established on its current site in 1872, is to provide cultural, educational and spiritual activities in the Chautauqua tradition for its residents, the Wyoming County community-at-large and visitors to beautiful Silver Lake.

The all-volunteer Board of Trustees seeks to preserve and share its three historic buildings – which are closed through 2020 as a result of COVID-19 guidelines - and to direct events that enhance the quality of life in rural America.

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