BRIAN QUINN/DAILY NEWS About 10 fire companies responded after fire broke out in a building on Starowitz Road Thursday night. Fire Chief Mike Heale said he had not heard of any injuries.

ELBA — A shop building at 7476 Starowitz Rd. was a total loss after fire broke out late Thursday evening, Elba Fire Chief Mike Heale said at the scene.

Structure fire at 7476 Starowitz Rd. Elba on Thursday March 4, 2021.

There were no injuries that he knew of, Heale said.

“At about 10 o’clock or so, we got dispatched for a report of a barn fire with flames showing. Upon the first unit’s arrival, they reported flames coming out of the front of the structure,” he said.

A second alarm and third alarm were called for.

“Plus, with the area, we don’t have a hydrant in this direct area,” he said. “The closest one is over on Bank Street Road. We did use some hydrants, just to fill tankers.”

The main issue was getting organized and getting set up to deal with the fire, Heale said.

“A lot of explosions, a lot of fire,” he said in describing the scene. “We immediately started to put water on it.”

Heale said Thursday night that he wasn’t sure what caused the explosions and that would be part of the investigation.

The fire chief said the building on fire was a shop-type building.

“I have to get with the owner to see exactly what was in there,” he said.

Of the response to the fire, Heale said, “It was completely defensive and protecting the exposures. Just contain the fire to that one building. The wind actually helped a little bit with protecting the exposures.”

Heale said there were about 10 fire companies that responded to the scene.

“I’m not sure how it got called in. I don’t know if a passer-by called it in or what.”

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