Genesee extends emergency order

BATAVIA — Genesee County Monday extended an emergency order for another five days amid concern about a potential influx of migrants from the southern states.

The county reiterated that the state of emergency it declared last Wednesday is in effect for 30 days from the day it was issued, until June 16.

“The emergency orders placed during the SOE (state of emergency) shall remain in effect for five days unless sooner modified, extended or revoked, and may be extended for additional periods not to exceed five days during the pendency of the local state of emergency,” the county said.

Going forward, the county said, it will post all updated emergency orders to the “Latest News” section of its website at

Last week, County Manager Matthew Landers said, “In Genesee County, we are stretched. We’re stretched to the max when it comes to our own homelessness. This was kind of a pre-emptive ... We want to explore. We want to have a discussion with all of our partners in the area to really understand what our capacity is, but we don’t believe we have the ability to take migrants at this point.”

Landers said the county is currently in a situation where it has a hard time housing any homelessness in the county.

County officials have said the declaration is needed due to the lack of housing facilities in the county for migrants and asylum seekers.

Sheriff William Sheron Jr. said Friday that the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce is notifying/educating the local establishments regarding the state of emergency. The county Sheriff’s Office’s role will be to investigate any alleged violations and issue appearance tickets if violations are found, he said.

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