Corona, after a 2010 arrest

A city woman who gained national infamy by being charged with adultery and then had a series of bizarre arrests that landed her in state prison has now been charged with prostitution.

The charges came after a call to police from her husband, who woke up and found two strangers in his house, strangers who also were charged with prostitution.

Suzanne M. Corona, 51, was charged last week with fourth-degree prostitution and permitting prostitution on a premises, that being her house at 5 Osterhout Ave.

Sgt. Marc Lawrence said the investigation began when Corona’s husband woke up early the morning of Aug. 19 and found two strangers in the house. Corona was not home at the time, he said.

Police arrived about 4 a.m.

Corona then returned home.

Two days later the two found in Corona’s house were arrested.

Paula G. Pierce, 28, of State Street was charged with prostitution for performing sexual acts for money.

David M. Schmieder, 26, of Bethany was charged with patronizing a prostitute and misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Both were issued appearance tickets.

Corona was arrested a day later. She was arraigned and issued appearance tickets for Nov. 17 in City Court.

Lawrence said Corona was not engaging in prostitution but had arranged for Pierce and Schmieder to use her house.

A prostitution arrest is a rarity for Genesee County, with just two such charges lodged in the past 20 years.

For Corona, she is used to rare charges.

In 2010, she was the first person in Genesee County history to be arrested and charged with adultery after police were called to Farrell Park after witnesses saw Corona having sex on a picnic table. She was married to the same man who called police last week.

She later pleaded guilty to public lewdness and was sentenced to one year probation.

Two months after she pleaded guilty, she was arrested for allegedly stealing piles of food from a buffet at the former South Beach restaurant. She had a 10-gallon plastic bag lining her purse.

She then allegedly dumped food all over the buffet, ruining the entire buffet. The owner declined to press charges after Corona apologized.

Two months after she was sentenced to probation for the lewdness conviction, Corona was charged with stealing items from a downtown florist. She was sentenced to six days in jail for violating probation and also ordered to attend Mental Health Court.

Five months later, Corona was arrested again, charged with petit larceny for allegedly stealing two pairs of sunglasses, a hair band and necklace from Target.

Corona allegedly stole the items while a Genesee County sheriff’s deputy was in the store giving a K-9 demonstration.

Corona stayed out of trouble for more than three years until 2014, when she was charged with stealing from Walmart.

Then, in March 2015, she was arrested for selling Suboxone to an undercover agent.

She was given a plea deal and sentenced to one year of interim supervision. If successful, she would have avoided state prison.

She was not.

Corona twice violated terms of her probation by drinking alcohol, including telling a judge that she had inadvertently put Amaretto in her coffee.

That led to an 18-month state prison term. She served 14 months and was released in September 2017.

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