LE ROY — Instead of Touch-A-Truck Wednesday evening, local kids and their families had something different to take in — the Spot-A-Truck Parade organized by Woodward Memorial Library and featuring law enforcement, fire and EMS, and highway department vehicles.

Residents such as Angela Kazmierczak, Heather DeBerger and Heather’s daughters, Hennessey, 5, and Cassidy, 4, stopped by Main Street on a sunny evening to watch the seven vehicles as they went by. Most of the vehicles went by in one group, with the drivers honking their horns and blaring their sirens.

“The big group was how we knew — the lights and sirens,” Heather DeBerger said. “They all honked and they all waved their hands.”

Kazmierczak said the parade was the kickoff to the library’s Summer Reading Program.

“How many trucks can you spot?” she said in talking about fun of the parade. “They tell you the route and you have to see how many trucks you can spot. There was a lead car that had a big poster on top of the car.”

Cassidy and Hennessey DeBerger were excited about the parade, Heather DeBerger and Kazmierczak said. The kids had been to Touch-A-Truck events in the past.

“It gave them something to look forward to all day. It also got them to clean their rooms,” Heather said with a laugh.

After seeing the parade go by at the corner of Main and Gilbert streets, the DeBergers pedaled home on their bikes, while Kazmierczak drove off.

The parade featured a Genesee County Sheriff’s Office car, Le Roy Village Police Department car, Le Roy Fire Department rescue truck, two Le Roy Ambulance Service vehicles and a Le Roy Highway Department vehicle. Riding in the lead car were Children’s Library assistants Angelina Brodie and Melissa Levins. Brodie drove, while Levins held up a sign.

“There were some groups and kids sitting on the ground on blankets,” Levins said. “Some families, we passed their homes, they were out on the porches.”

Brodie said plenty of kids and families waved to them as they went past.

“We were so excited to see our families that we haven’t seen for months,” she said. “A lot of our regular families were out today.”

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