BRIAN QUINN/DAILY NEWSThe Original Woody’s Deli, a popular spot on North Street in Le Roy, closed recently.

LE ROY — Village and Town Historian Lynne Belluscio said the recent closing of The Original Woody’s Deli, 47 North St., took everybody by surprise.

She members being so impressed by one of Woody’s owner Brian Kanaley’s menu items that she tried to recreate it at home, but couldn’t.

“A couple of years ago, I got hooked on his tomato basil and artichoke soup. It was absolutely glorious,” she said Saturday morning. “I tried to reproduce it. I miss that. I loved his pizza, always did, and his subs were amazing.”

Belluscio said she doesn’t know for sure what led to the closing of Woody’s Deli. The Daily News left a message for Kanaley Saturday on Facebook Messenger through the Woody’s Deli page, but the owner has not replied. Calls to the deli led to a message that the phone number was disconnected and is no longer in use.

“It’s not just that we’ve lost a deli, we lost a food tradition. A lot of people said (online), ‘We were planning on stopping by and picking up something that day and it was closed,’” she said.

Belluscio said the garbage plates at Woody’s were popular with her family.

“When one of my grandsons would be home from college, it was like, ‘Got to go up to Woody’s and get a garbage plate,” she recalled to The Daily News. Belluscio said she would bribe another grandson to come and visit her with promises of getting food at the deli.

“He would come from Syracuse. ‘Come to grandma’s and we’ll go to Woody’s,’” she remembers telling her grandson.

Woody’s Deli was a place where people would go for lunch, for example, Belluscio said.

“You could take it and run with it or you could sit there and eat it. People would call in and they would come in and pick it up,” she said. “You’d go in and sometimes it was just him and one other person. There were all sorts of things that were hard, not unlike other places that were having trouble getting help.”

Also a Machpelah Cemetery Association member, Belluscio says when they did a project at the cemetery on North Street, they would get food from Woody’s.

“When we would have volunteers at the cemetery just down the road, we would call up and get an order. They (volunteers) would be there to help, but they knew they were getting food from Woody’s,” she said.

Belluscio also remembered a time when correctional facility inmates were painting the Village Hall under supervision. She went there and spoke to the people who were overseeing the inmates.

“I found out they were up there working and I said, ‘Hey, I’ll get you some subs from Woody’s. I knew a couple of guys that were overseeing it. It was like their eyes lit up. They were really glad I had seen them ...”

When Le Roy used to have a Wings over LeRoy event at the airport, Woody’s Deli’s wings were a hit during the event.

“One of the things we did, we had a contest of who had the best chicken wings in Le Roy and he (Kanaley) won,” Belluscio said. “He won the Golden Wing Award for the best wings in Le Roy. He won a couple of years.”

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