COVID cases rise again in Genesee and Orleans

Image courtesy the Georgia Dept. of Public Health.

BATAVIA — The number of COVID-19 cases has again jumped in Genesee and Orleans counties.

A total of 12 new positive cases were reported on Friday, with area officials urging people stay safe as the GLOW region starts Phase 1 of its reopening.

Genesee County Legislature Chairwoman Rochelle Stein and Orleans County Legislature Chairwoman Lynne Johnson both cautioned residents to be careful.

“This is the first step to regaining daily routines and activities,” Stein said. “This comes with caution as well, as the stay at home order is still in effect for industries who are not essential or in Phase 1.”

The health of region will be carefully monitored and if the infection rate goes over 1.1 new cases per person, the businesses will shut down.

“Our goal is to do all we can do to help us get through this,” Johnson said. “We need to be careful so we can get into Phase 2.”

Genesee has four new positive cases for a total of 169. They included one from Le Roy and three from Batavia, with one person in his or her 20s and three in their 30s.

Two of the new cases were in quarantine prior to becoming symptomatic.

The health department had also learned one of the Batavia VA residents confirmed positive was from Erie County, which reduces Genesee County’s total by one. One of the total active cases is in the hospital.

In the meantime, Orleans County reported eight new cases for a total of 154. One person resides in Yates; two in Ridgeway; one in Shelby; two in Albion; one in Murray; and one from The Villages of Orleans Health and Rehabilitation.

The age breakdown is three in their 20s; two in their 30s; two in their 50s; and one in his or her 80s.

None of the community cases were in quarantine prior to becoming symptomatic. Thirteen of the total active cases are hospitalized.

Currently the idea is that Phase 1 will be two weeks, with two weeks to observe to see if there will be an increase in confirmed cases.

“It’s likely and probable we’ll see an increase in cases,” said Paul Pettit, public health director for Genesee and Orleans counties.

He explained that testing is expected to increase the number of cases, along with “unpausing” the state, and as people coming back together. He said the important thing is the regional capacity to deal with the increase in cases.

However, Pettit still encouraged that businesses who are part of Phase 2 should be ready on May 29, just in case.

Swabbing still remains an issue for Genesee and Orleans counties. Although there are sites at United Memorial Medical Center in Genesee County, Orleans County does not have community based swabbing locations set up.

However, people can still call ahead to private providers, and Rochester and Buffalo have sites set up which people can go to be swabbed.

To date, Genesee County has a total of 1,886 negative cases; 15 in the community under mandatory isolation; 49 in the community under mandatory quarantine; four total deaths; and 99 in the community who have recovered. Orleans County has 1,044 total negative; 20 in the community under mandatory isolation; 69 in the community under mandatory quarantine; 21 total deaths; and 49 in the community who have recovered.

One new COVID-19 case was reported Friday in Wyoming County in the county’s northeast quadrant. That brings the total to 75, while recoveries have remained unchanged at 63.

The current statistics include:

n A total of 26 cases have been confirmed in the northwest quadrant that includes Attica, Bennington, Orangeville and Sheldon. Two have been attributed to Attica Correctional Facility and 24 have recovered.

n Twenty-two cases have been confirmed in the northeast quadrant that includes Warsaw, Perry, Middlebury and Covington. Twelve of those have recovered and five have died.

n Fifteen cases have been confirmed in the southeast quadrant that includes Castile, Gainesville, Genesee Falls and Pike. All 15 have recovered.

n Twelve cases have been confirmed in the southwest quadrant that includes Arcade, Eagle, Java and Wethersfield. Eleven have recovered.

The total of negative tests was 1,048. Other statistics on Friday included seven people in mandatory isolation; 13 in mandatory quarantine; none in precautionary quarantine.

The age breakdown included 16 people each in their 20s; 15 people in their 40s; 13 people in their 60s; 10 people in their 50s; seven people each in their 30s and 70s; three people in their 80s; two people less than 20 years old; and two people in their 90s.

The Livingston County Department of Health is reporting no new positive cases of COVID-19 in the county as of Friday morning.

The update comes following testing of residents at Conesus Lake Nursing Home and the Livingston County Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation.

It was the second day this week that the county had report no new cases.

“We are happy to report that recent COVID-19 testing of residents at the Conesus Lake Nursing home and the Livingston County Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation resulted in no new positive cases,” said Jennifer Rodriguez, the county’s public health director.

The total number of positive cases Livingston County has had is 104. The first case was reported March 19.

More than 2,000 Livingston County residents have been tested for the COVID-19 virus, including nearly 100 on Thursday and almost 600 since Monday morning. The results include 2,098 negative tests and 104 positive tests, representing an infection rate of 4.7 percent.

On May 5, the infection rate was 6.7 percent.

Public health and government officials continue to remind residents to be vigilant and take precautions that include practicing social distancing, wearing face coverings, properly washing hands, cleaning surfaces regularly and staying at home if sick in order to fight the spread of COVID-19 and continue the region’s downward trends.

If the trend continues for the entire region, the second phase of reopenings would begin in about two weeks.

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