A registered sex offender who is still on parole after serving time for violating registry rules has been arrested again on the same charges.

Matthew I. Diers, 36, of 220 West Main St., Room 7, was charged with sex offender failure to report changes because of a previous conviction.

Diers allegedly failed to report changes to internet accounts within 10 days of making the changes, Officer Jason Ivison said.

Diers was arraigned and committed to the Genesee County Jail without bail.

Diers is a Level 2 sexually violent offender for sexually assaulting a teenage girl who was incapable of consent.

That assault happened in 2010 in Chautaqua County. Diers was sentenced to three years in prison.

He also served a four-year term for a 2005 burglary conviction.

In 2018, Diers was arrested in Batavia and charged with opening a new email and Facebook account in violation of terms of the state registry.

He was sentenced to one to three years and was released to parole on Dec. 26.

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