Perry man with 11 DWI arrests since 1993 sentenced to state prison


WARSAW - Since 1993, Steven D. Fronczak has averaged one DWI arrest every two years.

Those arrests are going to stop, at least for the next few years, because Fronczak, after being on the lam for nearly two years, is going to prison.

He appeared in Wyoming County Court Monday, where Judge Michael Mohun sentenced him to two to six years in prison for DWI as a class D felony.

It is Fronczak’s first prison term in New York state, despite an ever-growing number of DWI arrests and fleeing from prosecution.

“The fact that he hasn’t killed someone is amazing,” District Attorney Donald O’Geen said.

O’Geen said he has never prosecuted anyone with as many DWI arrests as Fronczak has accumulated since 1993, 11 in all.

He has served state prison time in Florida and Arizona but never New York, where, O’Geen said, “our hands are tied.”

Under New York law, a defendant cannot be sentenced as a second-felony offender for vehicle and traffic convictions, such as DWI.

If that was the case, Fronczak could have been sentenced to twice as many years in prison.

Fronczak, 63, of Perry also has felony DWI charges pending in Genesee County Court.

His criminal history boggles the mind, as does his penchant for trying to avoid prosecution and sentences by fleeing the state.

Among just a few of Fronczak’s arrests:

n A 2002 DWI conviction in Florida. He fled but was found two years later and sentenced to state prison.

n Sentenced to state prison in Arizona in 2005 for multiple DWI convictions.

n DWI in Perry in 2007.

n In 2014, Fronczak struck a deer in Perry and called deputies. Turns out, he had a felony warrant out of Florida for felony DWI charges and had fled the state to avoid trial.

n DWI in 2017 as a misdemeanor in Le Roy.

n In February 2018, Fronczak was stopped on Route 19 in Le Roy and charged with felony DWI, felony aggravated DWI for having a blood alcohol content of more than .18 percent, felony aggravated unlicensed operation, circumventing a court-ordered Interlock and using a cell phone while driving.

n In August of 2018, while under indictment for the Le Roy charges, Fronczak was again found to be driving drunk after he was stopped on Route 20A in Perry.

Fronczak failed to appear in both counties.

Fronczak was eventually found in an Arizona jail but it was nothing but easy to return him to New York, O’Geen said.

Fronczak was sentenced in Arizona, the extradition process had begun but Fronczak fought the issue and, after hearings, “we had to go get him,” O’Geen said.

Fronczak still faces a prison sentence in Genesee County for the DWI-related charges and for bail jumping.

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