LIVONIA – Pet owners in Livonia will soon have a new and much larger place to bring their pets for care.

Perry Veterinary Clinic is building a new facility at 6611 Richmond Mills Rd. The company has an existing clinic iat 6760 Richmond Mills Rd.

“We are probably doubling in size, so it will be a nice state of the art building,” said Practice Manager Tracy Smith.

The new facility will be 6,900 square feet. In addition to more space there will also be more services available to pets.

“The other one is very cramped, so this will allow for us to spread out,” Smith said. “We will have more exams rooms, we are going from four to six. There will be a nice big treatment area and roomier kennels.”

In addition to Livonia, Perry Veterinary Clinic also has offices in Batavia, Perry, Yorkshire and a large animal road service.

The new building in Livonia will primarily be used to treat dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and ferrets – what staff calls pocket animals. As the popularity of these animals grows, so too has the care needed to treat them.

“Vet medicine has changed a great deal over the years, and we have a lot more pet owners and also a lot more pet owners that have multiple pets. This facility is going to be able to provide us with the infrastructure that we need to support our growing business,” said veterinarian and part owner Peter Hecht.

The new facility will provide a better quality of service for the pets.

“The unique and wonderful place about veterinary medicine is that when you come to the vet everything is hopefully there in one building for you. The ultrasound, the blood, the imaging, including surgeries, dental and with this facility we feel that we are going to be able to provide that in a much more spacious manner,” said Hecht.

Also in the new space will be a dedicated area for pet dental care.

“Dental care is an emerging field of technology that helps pets, especially elderly pets have a greater quality of life as they age. Much like the human population pets are living longer, we see dental problems later in life. This new building is going to have a dedicated dental suite. Our veterinarian will be able to provide the most complete and comprehensive dental care,” said Senior Managing Partner Craig Lamb.

To help provide those and other services additional staff and jobs will be created. For many the new clinic is not only an investment in the animals, but an investment in Livonia.

“Projects like this are important because not only did they choose to come here at one point but now they are choosing to expand here,” said Bill Bacon, executive director of Livingston County Development.

“Things like that show us that not only was their initial investment a good decision but now they are investing more to build the company that they have got,” said Bill Bacon.

The new facility is expected to be completed in the next year. Staff is expected to be able to move in to the new officers in March or April 2022.

Senior Managing Partner Craig Lamb helps to break ground on the new facility for Perry Vet Care in Livonia. They currently have a location in the area but say because of their growing business they needed a larger space.

6611 Richmond Mills Road in Livonia is just a pile of dirt now but soon it will be a new and larger space for Perry Vet Care.

Veterinarian and part owner of Perry Vet Care, Peter Hecht speaks to people before the ground breaking ceremony. Perry Vet Care is adding a new and larger building that will be 6900 square feet.

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