Brendan McDonough/Livingston County NewsDansville resident Karen Sheasley could hardly believe her eyes when a representative from Publishers Clearing House walked up to her home on Thursday and gave her a check for $10,000. Sheasley was the lucky winner for the, “Brad Paisley/Publishers Clearing House $10,000 American Relief Sweepstakes Contest.”

DANSVILLE – A Dansville woman was in shock after the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol stopped by her Greenmount Court home on Thursday afternoon to award a $10,000 prize as part of its American Relief Sweepstakes contest.

“I can not believe it,” said Karen Sheasley.

Prize Patrol representative Howie Guja surprised Sheasley – who was chosen in a random drawing – with flowers, a giant commemorative check and the real check.

“This is amazing, Are you kidding me. I just won $10,000,” said Sheasley.

“My head is spinning,” she said. “This answers a lot of prayers and helps me out a lot.”

The money comes at just the right time, said Sheasley, who is moving to California to be closer to her grandchildren.

“I intend to spoil them,” she said.

Sheasley will leave Sept. 8 for the West Coast and said she plans to sell most of her things and take only what she can fit in her car.

“Now I am going to go find something new. I sold everything that I own and I am giving my stuff to some kids that really need it,” said Sheasley.

The American Relief Sweepstakes Contest is a contest that she almost did not enter. Sheasley said she had stopped submitting entries to the Publishers Clearing House contests for awhile, until about a month ago when she started to again send entries.

“I used to do it all the time, and then I was like I can’t win, if I don’t play,” she said.

The contest is officially called the “Brad Paisley/Publishers Clearing House $10,000 American Relief Sweepstakes. Publishers Clearing House teamed with country music star Paisley in presenting the award. Paisley chatted with Sheasley via a Zoom video conference call.

“I am so happy for you,” Paisley said. “I am thrilled that everything worked out for you. I hope this helps you with your fresh start.”

Sheasley could also be seeing Paisley in person. During the video call, he invited her to come to one of his concerts when the COVID-19 pandemic is over and have a backstage meeting with him.

“It would be great to have you out, so that I can meet you in person,” said Paisley.

The conversation is one that Sheasley says she won’t soon forget.

“He is so easy to talk with, he is an awesome man. I feel like he could come here and we could talk all afternoon,” said Sheasley.

Sheasley says nothing like Thursday afternoon has happened to her before.

“I never win anything. I play scratch offs, every now and again. I only win $2 here and there but nothing like this. This is crazy,” said Sheasley.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and some health problems, the prize was was a welcome surprise in what she said has been a difficult year.

“I got sick and I had some rough times. So winning this money is (a) blessing. The reason why I decided to be with my kids was because I had got sick,” said Sheasley.

During her move and drive to California, Sheasley said she is hoping to take time to stop and see different cities along the way. She encourages others to make a fresh start and enter contests because, she says, you never know what might happen.

“Put your name out there because miracles do happen,” Sheasley said. “I guess I believe it now.”

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