ALBION — Bailey Gonzalez has been showing animals at the Orleans County Fair for five years.

She has shown goats and dogs, and the recent construction of the new goat and sheep building at the Orleans County Fair means the 4-H’ers showing dogs will now have the older building to themselves.

Bailey, a 13-year-old from Albion, said it’s going to be a whole new setup for everybody.

“I think it’s going to be a good learning experience though,” she said. “I think it will be a little bit more difficult because it’s a little bit hotter in here and different smells.”

Bailey has been showing dogs for six years and goats for three years.

She started showing dogs because she always loved them. She did it at first for fun, but now she’s doing different shows. She started showing goats after a friend talked about how showing goats is similar to dogs.

“For showing purposes, (dogs and goats) have some of the same body parts,” she said.

Bailey has three dogs — at the fair, she shows Annabelle, a 4-year-old lab retriever.

When showing goats, she has one goat she shows but sometimes will show someone else’s goat too.

“I just love the family of 4-H,” Bailey said. “I’m so close with everybody in our group. It gives you an experience you don’t get anywhere else.”

This year’s Orleans County 4-H Fair runs July 26 to 31 at the fairgrounds. Check for aa schedule.

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