BATAVIA — Thermory USA, a manufacturer of decking, cladding and porch flooring,has moved its North American headquarters to an expanded location in Batavia, and also opened a new office in Colorado.

The new headquarters in the Harvester Center is much bigger than its former home on Jackson Street, the company’s owner said.

“We’ve had several hires and just didn’t have space in that office anymore,” Kevin DeMars said about the old location, which Thermory called home from the summer of 2014 to around February 2020. The company has been in Batavia in January 2012.

DeMars estimated the company has a little less than 5,000 square feet of space in Harvester Center, 56 Harvester Ave., compared to between 600 and 800 square feet when it was on Jackson Street. The Harvester Center location is on the second floor of the building.

“It’s sales, customer service, technical and instillation advice, sample shipments, all of our logistics, marketing. There’s eight people in this location,” DeMars said. “There’s another three people in our Chicago office and we have four people in our Denver office and we have one independent contractor in Canada. Our Chicago office is mainly our financial office: accounts receivable/payable and human resources. STM Marketing is a outsourced sales agency to help service our Canadian customers.”

Tom Mancuso, president of Mancuso Development Group, which rents space in the Harvester Center, said of Thermory, “They have a great culture there, very energetic and dynamic people.

“They significantly increased their space. They significantly increased their employees. We’re glad that they’re in Batavia, we’re glad they grew at Harvester and we hope they continue growing,” Mancuso said.

The Denver, Colo., location was opened in response to increasing demand for Thermory products in the western United States.

“Our inventory was initially held in a warehouse in Buffalo, but we serviced all of North America through a network of distributors which order directly from our factory in Estonia and ancillary support from the warehouse as needed,” he said. “As our business grew, the transit time and damage that occurs while shipping to the West Coast demanded a West Coast warehouse and office. We hired a foundational employee in Denver and utilized him to start an office and warehouse on the western side of the country,”

The 1,200 square-foot facility features sample storage, a product showroom, and an office area to support the six Thermory Denver employees.

“Our expansion plans have been in the works for a few years now, so we’re fortunate to have an incredible amount of momentum behind the growth of our company,” DeMars said. “We had just moved our office and hired about eight people in the last 12 months. I was making ‘Doomsday’ contingency budget plans and incredibly worried about how to keep all our employees employed.

“Growth was the farthest thing from my mind but in spite of my worst concerns, there are facets of the building industry that are actually booming right now and we are lucky to be a part of that sector of the building industry,” DeMars said. “It’s forced us to relook at marketing objectives and strategies, new products in development, growth strategies and goals. We’ll be an even stronger company having gone through this.”

In general, DeMars talked about how thankful he is for — and dependent on — his employees.

“They embrace how quickly we’ve grown and the headaches and bruises that come with rapid growth. I do my best to create an environment where people have a say in the direction of our company,” he said. “I value their opinions, I try to develop employees that make their own decisions every day that embrace a growth and positive mindset.”

When Thermory hired an employee to start its office in Colorado, Alicia Alexyn, one of the key Batavia employees, moved to Colorado for a year to get that office up and running.

“She literally sacrificed a year of her life and we’re thankful every day that she’s a part of our company,” DeMars said of Alexyn, a 2007 Le Roy Junior-Senior High School graduate. “All of our other Batavia employees are local high school grads or minimally residents of the area for many years.”

DeMars is a 1998 graduate of Batavia High School.

The eight Batavia employees include four hired around the time of the move. With the COVID-19 pandemic, though, employees are mostly working from home, DeMars said.

“It was very nerve-wracking in the beginning when everything was up in the air with COVID. We’ve actually had a run on our products — we’re having a hard time keeping it in stock,” he said.

Thermory USA creates superior wood solutions. Its thermal modification process uses only heat and steam to enhance the wood and provide a durable, long-lasting product with a sophisticated, refined aesthetic, DeMars said.

“Our truly natural products have no equal and may just change the way you think about wood,” he said. “We produce thermally modified hardwood and softwood decking, cladding and porch flooring that provides amplified stability and exceptional rot-resistance. Our products are used for both high-end residential and commercial projects, largely for exterior use.”

While Thermory USA expanded in Batavia, it has always been an international company, its owner said.

“One of our first orders was actually sent to the Bahamas,” he said. “I have a partner in the company that resides in the Chicago area so it was natural and necessary to have a second office. “

DeMars said Thermory USA has roots in Estonia, with its parent company starting there in 1997. “The parent company was looking for ways to bring their product and new technology to the U.S.,” DeMars said. “I’m from Batavia and my partner being from the Chicago area, we’ve always had two offices from the inception of our company. We’ve never known anything different.”

For more information about Thermory USA in Batavia email You may also call (585) 250-4074.

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