GENESEO – A Schuyler County man is facing an additional attempted murder charged in connection with a stabbing inside Walmart, 4235 Veteran Drive, on Tuesday.

Gregory Cunningham, 24, of Beaver Dams, was charged Wednesday morning with second-degree attempted murder.

The charge came "after further review of the information obtained by law enforcement," said Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian.

"We feel that it's an appropriate charge," Osganian said.

The police chief said it took awhile to get statements from customers, video from Walmart, collect evidence, including clothing with blood.

"There was a lot of information that had to be collected and reviewed," he said.

Investigators were continuing to gather information on Wednesday and was looking at things such as Cunningham's family and social media activity "to get a better picture of Mr. Cunningham."

Cunningham remains in Livingston County Jail. He is scheduled to be arraigned tonight in Livingston County Central Arraignment Part at the Jail.

Cunningham was originally charged with first-degree assault, a Class B felony, on Tuesday night. He is accused of stabbing a woman multiple times inside the store.

Authorities said late Tuesday night that they had yet to uncover a motive for what they called an unprovoked attack.

According to Osganian, authorities received a report shortly before 4:30 p.m. of “a female victim screaming and a report of a knife.”

State Police, Geneseo Police and Livingston County Sheriff's deputies all responded. The responding officers found a 34-year-old female victim with multiple stab wounds in the upper body area, Osganian said.

The woman was transported to a hospital and was listed in stable condition Tuesday evening, said Osganian.

Osganian said officers recovered a knife from the scene.

“Larger than a pocket knife - it’s got a four-, five-inch blade,” he said. “We don’t believe he purchased it from the store. We believe he had it when he went to the store.”

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, though authorities have yet to uncover any motive or clear connection between Cunningham and the woman. Both were in the store as customers.

Officers are in the process of reviewing surveillance footage from the store to piece together what happened after the stabbing.

The scene when officers arrived at the store was “chaotic,” said Osganian.

“A lot of people in the store, a lot of screaming,” he said. “At that time day, Walmart does have a fair number of people inside the store.”

Around 5:30 p.m. – around an hour after the initial call – officers led a handcuffed Cunningham out of the store. He was wearing a blue T-shirt and gray shorts. He appeared calm and followed officers instructions as they photographed his face, body and hands.

He didn’t have any obvious injuries.

Cunningham was transported to the Livingston County Jail on Tuesday evening and was scheduled for arraignment Wednesday morning. The Livingston County District Attorney’s Office requested bail be set at $50,000 cash or $100,000 bond, said Osganian.

Geneseo police are leading the investigation into the incident with the assistance of the New York State Police and the Forensic Identification Unit of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office.

Livingston County District Attorney Greg McCaffrey also responded to the scene. His office is assisting Geneseo police in its investigation, said Osganian.

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