Max Pies celebrating new look

Mark Gutman/Daily NewsMax Pies Furniture staff and those who worked on the renovations gather for Friday’s ribbon cutting.

BATAVIA — Standing outside Max Pies Furniture, 400 S. Jackson St., Steve Pies said Friday was a special day.

He was talking about the celebration that afternoon for the longtime furniture store’s new facade and windows, most of which are in place.

“We couldn’t be happier with the new look. We kept the old-school sign flair,” he said. “I want to thank the community once again for your continued support. We’re going strong, we got through COVID, we’re still going to move forward.”

Steve Pies’ dad, Phil, didn’t waste any words.

“I agree with everything, alright?” he said. “Now, can we cut the ribbon?”

Max Pies Celebrates New Look in Batavia on Friday November 19, 2021

The work took roughly three months to complete because of a materials issue, said Paul Viele of Viele Construction, Inc., although the store is still has a couple of spots that are covered up as it waits for windows to arrive.

“Three months during a time like this is unbelievable,” Steve Pies said. “They put in new windows, a whole, new facade ... EIFS (exterior insulation and finishing system). We modeled that after the Lambert building. I think it just adds a nice flair to the community, to be quite honest with you. Even though we’ve been a staple here for so long, the building was literally sinking and it was dirty and it was peeling. It was just a mess.”

Steve Pies said there are still a few things to do — work on the driveway and the roof, for example, but that the store is happy with the way things look.

“It’s been on the radar for about 30 years and I think it was one of those things where, during COVID, we took some of the PPP money, we put it into the infrastructure. It was way overdue and it was just a matter of getting a little push from the Vieles to say, ‘We can do this now, we can get this done for you.’”

At the same time, Steve Pies said, his dad, Phil, decided that the work needed to be done.

Steve Pies said while he grew up on the north side of Batavia, a good portion of his adult life has been spent on the south side, where the furniture store is.

“I’m a big fan of the south side, going back to Pellegrino’s Bakery in the day, the St. Anthony’s lawn fete and Kibbe Park,” he said.

Steve Pies had a number of people to thank for their work on the project: Viele Construction for making the exterior improvements a reality; painter Bob Waite; Terance Cranston Construction; Arthur J Nicometo Electrical Services, Inc.; Dean Robb of Robb’s Glass Inc.; Anthony Cappello of A J C Interiors; New Wave Improvements, for helping with the roof.

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