Le Roy project to start this month

A construction vehicle sits partly off to the side of Wolcott Street in Le Roy, where digging is expected to start next week or the week after.

LE ROY — Digging is expected to start either next week or the week after on a $2.8 million reconstruction of Wolcott Street from Route 5 south to Route 19, Mayor Greg Rogers said Thursday.

“The project is underway. We have had the preconstruction meeting,” he said. “At the preconstruction meeting, it was noted the possibility of having problems with raw material. The intent is to have a small as possible an impact on the school and try to have most of it done by the opening of the school year in September.”

The project was put off last year, partly due to budget constraints.

“While we walked away from this project in 2020 for various reasons, above estimated cost and then COVID, we went back out to bid again this year, basing our decision on the need for the work to be completed, future cost going higher and ability to take advantage of low interest rates,” he said. “The total cost was very close to the 2020 bids.”

The total project will be $2.8 million amortized over 15 years at an annual rate of below 2 percent, which annually will add a little over $200,000 to the budget, the mayor said. The village has no other current road projects being funded at this time, he said.

The full reconstruction during the Wolcott Street project will include the infrastructure below street level. In December 2019, Rogers said one of the main reasons the village is working on Wolcott is because it is having trouble with drainage in that area.

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